Star Suvarna Presents new Fiction Show “Sindoora” From 20th March, Monday to Friday at 8pm
tar Suvarna, a channel that has won millions of hearts in Karnataka. Be it an adult or a child, everyone gets their share of entertainment with wide range of programs. One such entertaining and touching tale is “Sindoora” which is all set to be telecasted from March 20th from 8 pm.

This is a story of two sisters. We often see a mother in an elder Sister. She has the courage of a father and emotions of a mother whereas; younger sister is treated more like a daughter. No matter how old she gets she will always remain a child in the eyes of the elder one. We often witness such emotions among sisters in our daily lives. But, the sacrifice that the elder sister makes in this story is irreplaceable. One such heart wrenching story is Sindoora.

Popular faces such as Soumyalatha, Muttu raj and Anand Nagarkar along with new talents such as Chandana, Bhoomika, Gowtham and Vikas in the lead are the stars of Sindoora. Sindhoora is directed by Sri Sakrebayalu Sreenivas who is quite popular with the TV viewing audience. Along with him we have Ninge Gowda as cameraman and Naraasimha as the editor.

Sindoora definitely stands out from the other serials that we watch today. Today we live in a world where human emotions and values are diminishing day by day. We bring you a story of sisters who keep the belief intact that an emotion called sacrificing exists in today’s world. The story is contemporary and we at Star Suvarna believe it will be well received and appreciated by our viewers.

Star Suvarna is the leading channel of Kannadigas with many popular shows like Hara Hara Mahadev, Amruthavarshini, Avanu matte Shravani, Durga, Neeli, Geethanjali, Niharika, Super Jodi; these have become household names in every part of Karnataka. Star Suvarna has not only set a trend with its variety of shows covering various genres but also created an emotional bond.

“Sindoora” starts from March 20th at (Mon – Fri) 8 PM only on Star Suvarna.
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