ega television serial ‘Sri Shirdi Sai Baba’ in Udaya TV on Sunday at 9 to 9.30 am on a weekly basis has completed 100 episodes. This is on the life and works of Shirdi Sai Baba the highly respected personality who is known for super natural powers. This is produced by Sun Shine Media. Kannada film director Nagesh TN is director of very popular television serial.  

At 100 kms away from Bangalore near Mulbagal a set has been erected for the shooting of mega television serial.  

Chandru has written the script and everything so far is presented in the natural style with no miracles. After 100 episodes the miracles of Sri Shirdi Sai Baba is projected. According to director Nagesh a miracle has happened in the form of rain. That saved nearly Rs.2 lakhs of rupees. At Mulbagal surroundings the rain also brought smile in the people life.  

Dr Sanjay feeling a little uncomfortable for his costume of Sai Baba at the media meet said it is a god sent gift for him after returning to acting two years later. As a young boy I did ‘Sri Ayyappa’ role, then Shivaleelamrutha I played Shiva and now Shirdi Sai Baba role. According to Dr Sanjay the mythological television serials should be made available to children of today.

 I only go in front of the idol of god at my home and I pray for my role. Since I don’t have any bad habits it is easy for me to take up with lot of respect. Whatever I felt to happen has occurred in my life. After accepting this television serial I got a series of 15 offers remembered Dr Sanjay. 

One of the producers Putswamy is also cameraman of this film. Kodandaram a cashier in Vijaya Bank is a joint producer with financial assistance from Sunil Banawasi.

 Ranadheera Venkatesh, Meese Anjanappa, Prema, Lakshmi, Shivakumar Aradhya, Govindaswamy, Govindaswamy, Ramakrishna, Ganesh Rao, Venkatesh, Meenakshi, Hanumantharaju, Raju Nayak, Yellappa, Bharathi and others are in the cast.  

Maruthi has scored the music. Rajehs is art director of this mega television serial.

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