ow a day most of the reality shows indulge in entertainment oriented tasks only. But for the first time along with entertainment, ‘Pyate hudgir halli life’ team has invented a new task with the goal of popularizing ‘ragi’ among the people. In this connection approximate 1.5 Tons ragi ball preparation task was successfully completed by ‘Pyate hudgir’ and the task has entered the Limca book of records too.

Speaking to media in this regard Sudheendra Bharadwaj, the programming head of Suvarna tv said, ‘Pyate hudgir halli life’ reality show has become brand show of suvarna channel. Apart from first and second season, the third season created high expectations among the viewers. To fulfill these expectations we were always inventive to enhance the quality of reality show. This time we conducted the preparation of biggest ragi ball task. By this we are aspiring to popularize ragi among the people which is a traditional food of Karnataka.’

‘Before we come here there was no rain in Rayasamudra. As soon as we landed in October, there was a heavy rainfall and most of the ponds were high tide. The villagers believe it as miracle and they are supporting us overwhelmingly’ he added.

‘Now a day for ‘citi’zens  eating north Indian style food is becoming a fashion. But every region has got its own food culture. Likewise eating ragi ball is also a food culture in Karnataka. To create awareness about this food culture as well as nutritional food, we decided to conduct the task of preparation of biggest ragi ball’ he said.

‘After the completion of the task, the ragi ball would be dispersed among the villagers by announcing it with tom tom by drums’ he concluded.

Acknowledging the words of Sudheendra Bharadwaj, Santosh the anchor of ‘Pyate hudgir halli life’ show said, ‘To create awareness among the people about ragi, there is a need to publicize it by hyped news. In recent past Ice Bathing had become most popular by this manner only. Through ‘Pyate hudgir halli life’ we are adopting the same publicity style to create awareness about nutritional ragi food among the people.’

The contestants Ragashree, Deepthi, Ravika and Akshatha too justified the words of Sudheendra Bharadwaj and Santosh.

By this task the ‘Pyate hudgir halli life’ show is completing 65 episodes and another 20 episodes would conclude the reality show with grand finale.

‘Pyate hudgir halli life’ task area is getting over crowded every day and it is gaining popularity among the nearby villagers.
-KNN Cinecircle news. 

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