he epoch making mega television serial made 15 years ago is still popular today and hitting the Zee Kannada channel from 10th of March from Monday to Friday at 6 pm.

It was a nostalgic moment for this 432 episodes telecast first in Doordarshan. It was telecast in DD 9, in ETV Kannada and now again in Zee Kannada.

At the nostalgic moment the three fathers of ‘Maaya Mruga’ TN Seetharam, P Seshadri and Nagendra Shah were present to address the media on Wednesday morning at Solitaire Hotel with Dattanna, Lakshmi Chandrasekhar and program executive of Zee Kannada Puneeth.

It is like watching old photos of us from this re telecast started off TNS. Known for wit, knowledge, intelligence TNS went 15 years back and said how it got shaped up. It is unforgettable even today indicates the strength of it. We have lot such viewers and innocence is also not there in our present social, cultural and economic condition of society he pointed. We have worked for passion but not for pocket. Among all my television serials ‘MM’ is very special. It is not possible to make again he said.

P Seshadri a series of award winner for his films today also recounted the DVD, book format of Maya Mruga. It is the one and only television mega serial created lot of records with 100 plus working in three houses at Ranga Rao Road in Basavanagudi he mentioned. It was a ‘Yathra Sthal’ for people. There was no Lady Kedi! It was pure people oriented one he pointed.

Lakshmi Chandrasekhar, Dattanna, Nagendra Shah also explained the days of ‘Maaya Mriga’ 15 years ago. It is a ‘Classic’ according to Dattanna. MM is popular more in USA than in Karnataka mentioned Lakshmi Chandrasekhar.

Puneeth program executive of Zee Kannada said the economics of it have not been discussed yet. At present 256 episodes is just transferred to Zee Kannada he stated.

No need for the media to know the economics part of it stated TNS for a question.

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