nce again topnotch of Big screen in small screen versatile actor Ananthnag leaps into television via ‘Chitte Hejje’ that is the novel of journalist colleague Jogi alias H Girish Rao. It is a mega television serial from ETV Kannada. The telecast starts from 23rd of September in place of ‘Shuba Mangala’.

This is the second time Vinu Balanja is directing Ananthnag in ETV Kannada and his earlier was ‘Preethi Illada Mele’ and third time Ananthnag is in ETV Kannada. His first one was ‘Garva’ of Prakash Belawadi and next two are in Vinu Balanja direction.

From the beginning of my career I was in to novel based cinema like Hamsageetha, Benkiya Bale, Bidugade Bedi, films of SK Bhagwan and KV Jayaram. The TV monopoly saw some very good serials like Malgudi Days. What was not possible in big screen was made possible in small screen stated Ananthnag.

Ananthnag sees the qualities of his brother Shanker Nag in Vinu Balanja. He works in all the departments as I see him and my brother was also like that he says. Ananthnag feels the Small screen is the big media. One week of TV serial work is equivalent to one feature film he observes. In film field it is not so easy to fulfill desires for creative people. Look at small screen there are very good writers like Jogi, Vinu, Prakash Belawadi and others he says.

Director Vinu Balanja in his address stated that we were looking for right person to tell our contents. That is Ananthnag. There is love, crime, friction etc. For the ordinary we try to increase the level of viewing he says with confidence. We have focus on environment plus what happens when the engagement girl runs away from the house, friction in the relationship is also focus says Vinu Balanja. Hanumanthe Gowda, Seetha Kote and others are in the cast. Ravi is cameraman.

Program in charge of ETV Kannada Parameshwara Gundkal welcomed the team of Vinu Balanja and TV is a multi tasking viewing he feels. Vinoo Balanja is bridge from commercial to art kind of making opines Gundkal.

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