hifting from ETV Kannada to Suvarana satellite channel ‘Bigg Boss-Season 2’ is all set to go on air from 29th of this month at 8 pm on all the seven days. It is Big Boss….2 Tamashane Alla!

Kichcha Sudeep continued to conduct the show for Suvarana channel and it is of course a rich value addition for the progressive television channel.

Sudhindra Bharadwaj says Suvarana is entering the 8th year in television history and it has been continuously giving thought provoking and entertainment based programs. Big Boss 2 is also in that direction he says. It is 99 days 14 contestants and prize money is Rs.50 lakhs.

Thyagaraja Ravichandra explaining the process but not divulging contestants names said the biggies of cinema industry like V Ravichandran, Shivarajakumar, Ramya are likely to be in guest list. Some of the Kannada films programs are also taken up for publicity. The publicity especially is terrific this time he says.

Endemol India Abhisekh Regi is producing this ‘Big Boss 2’ and OLX.com is sponsor of the reality show.

Kannada super star Kichcha Sudeep eagerly awaited to speak says he has week end assignments and the team that has come up with ideas is very good. There is creative team that gives something different in the feel. It is not expected to short fall in its attempt. I have nothing to do in selection of candidates. It is definitely beneficial for contestants as firstly they lose weight in 99 days reality show he pointed.

I do have the excitement of work in this and I take it as a very good responsibility. Certain things are addictive in life and this one such informed Kichcha Sudeep in his stylish way. According to him nearly 800 people are working behind this reality show. This time I am planning not to lose money with regard to my journey is concerned.

The level of satisfaction and excitement from this is more. I connected emotionally and done cinema in the past. This is one such bondage I am carrying forward with the change in television channel says Sudeep.

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