hruthi won the Bigg Boss reality show in Kannada which is in its third season. She beat Chandan by a thin margin and Anand who came in third. Newcaster Rehman and Pooja Gandhi were the other two finalists in the top five.

In her victory acceptance speech, Shruthi thanked all those who had voted for her and said that the audiences had just not voted for her victory but had also given her a new lease of life. Shruthi carries home a cash prize of Rs 50 lakh and a trophy. Chandan also took home a runners up trophy.

The winner of the reality show had gone viral on the Net and other social media network such as whatsapp and facebook on Sunday morning itself. But, the television viewers had to wait till midnight to know it officially. Chandan’s selection to the top was seen as a surprise and his dream of living in the house for 98 days came true. Master Anand was a clear favourite and a frontrunner to win the contest but Shruthi’s pleasing behaviour had the desired effect with the audiences voting for her in large numbers.

The first season of Bigg Boss was won by Vijay Raghavendra in a tightly fought contest with Arun  Sagar who was considered a favourite to win the trophy.  The second season of Bigg Boss was won by Aakul Balaji pipping the then crowd favourite Srujan Lokesh. 

Khichcha Sudeep hosted all the three seasons of the reality show. 

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