ri Sri Maharshi Dr Anand Guruji’s Maharshivani telecast on Zee Kannada in the morning band at 8 am has completed 625 episodes of telecast on the channel. The live programme has completed two years of telecast after the channel took an initiative to revamp its programming.

Maharshivani, a devotional programme features Anand Guruji who is a well-known astrologer and thinker. Anand Guruji has embarked on a journey to solve people’s problems and instill confidence, values and is also intended to clear people’s minds from all walks of life of bad thoughts and disappointments.

Guruji analyses and explains important things and also gives solutions to viewers personal problems.

Guruji has become a part and parcel of people’s lives daily and is working towards providing for a direction to society. Maharshivani is now taking new steps for the betterment of society and the country. Maharshivani has been successful in exploring the intricacies of the spiritual realm with Guruji’s unique methods and prediction and discourse.

Raghavendra Hunsur, business head of the channel told reporters that Maharshivani is one of the most popular astrology-based programmes in the morning band and said 10 percent of the channel’s viewership rating comes from the programme.

Guruji said the programme to protect dharma and promote righteousness in society. He said man can lead a good life in this modern world too by adopting traditional customs.

The business head of the channel said Zee intends to begin counseling for students through Maharshivani and at the same time promote the cause of girl’s education and protect the girl child.

Guruji blessed the journalists by presenting a shawl. Guruji went out of his way to honour senior photojournalist Nagesh Kumar at the behest of another senior journalist Snehapriya Nagaraj to shower his blessings on the lensman. Nagaraj indicated to Guruji that Nagesh Kumar was the senior most photojournalist in the fraternity and should be honoured. 

Guruji said it was god sent that he came up to the photographer to honour him unlike others.     

Maharshivani is telecast live at 8 am on Zee Kannada from Monday to Saturday.

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