annada family entertainer ‘Vasudaiva Kutumbakam’ mounted the sets last week. The film is produced by Manjunath while it is written and directed by Giridhar. The film stars Aru Gowda, Sanjana Prakash, Tabala Nani, Sharath, Vanishri and Pavan Kumar among others.

Director Giridhar told journalists that the film is a thriller mystery that talks about the world being one family. He said the whole world should be like one big family and every human being should treat the other equally. The film will have a 52-day shooting schedule.

Producer Manjunath said he would like to forget the bitter experience of producing Rathavara while doing this movie. He however did not divulge the experience that he had. He said this film will be shot in Bengaluru, Madikeri, Mysuru and Mangaluru while the songs will be filmed in Rajasthan. He said he plans to release the film during Dasara. The film has another heroine who is yet to be selected.

Arun Gowda said he is playing a social activist in his fourth film. He said the film talks about the usefulness and the disadvantages of using facebook.

Sanjana Prakash said there should be no discrimination in this world and should be regarded as one family. She said her role is simple and meaningful. Vanishri said she plays a negative role in the movie. Pavan Kumar plays a comic role as a friend of the hero.

Rakesh is the cameraman and Shamant is the executive producer of the movie.

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