itle Beka, a film that is written and directed by debutant Anand G K and produced by Sangamesh B Halagatti and Mahadevappa B Halagatti will release in about 100 to 120 theatres across Karnataka on October 9. The film stars newbie Ayush and Neha Patil in lead roles. Nobin Paul has scored the music. Rakesh C Tilak is the cinematographer.

Director Anand G K told reporters that the film is narrated from the point of view of the director. He said the movie is an audience story and that is the reason for not being able to give the film a title. He said the film is about the struggles of an assistant director and is a cinema within cinema.

Anand said the film gives a message on how a boy and a girl should behave in society as per Hindu culture and tradition and how they shouldn’t behave.

Producer Sangamesh said he liked the story but wanted a new hero for the movie. He said he thought Neha Patil was the right choice for her role.

Newbie Ayush said his role has two shades – a normal guy who transforms due to incidents that occur in his life. He said it was a challenging role and the movie shows how a girl should and shouldn’t behave.

Neha Patil said she plays a flirtatious character. She said girls do flirt and can be bold. Girls do have their own dreams. She said this is a movie for all youths and young lovers. She said the movie also shows why lovers shouldn’t break up.

Varadan who has acted in the movie said he plays the hero’s friend while Amit plays a comedian. Pradeep said he plays a drunkard in the movie.

Cinematographer Rakesh Adiga said it was challenging to shoot in Kashmir due to lack of oxygen.  

omen activists are up in arms against the publicity poster put up by crew of the film ‘Title Beka’ and thus putting the film in a new controversy.

The poster has the heroine running for cover to protect herself from a guy who is after her and giving her a chase. The guy who is also playing the protagonist in the movie is violently chasing the heroine of the movie in public glare with a pair of footwear in both his hands to hit her.

This is not just the film’s publicity poster but a clipping of the scene has also gone viral with heroine of the movie Neha Patil running for cover. The scene was picturised in Bengaluru Bus Station in broad daylight and the scene is being used as a material for publicity of the film.

Director and producer defend the poster and the scene as an integral part of the story and that it is needed for the film. However, another heroine Manasi who is reportedly close to the team has registered her protest against the use of this publicity poster saying that it will send a wrong message to the society at a time when women empowerment and safety is being talked about loudly in all fora.

However, Neha Patil who is part of the scene justifies the scene and its importance. She says the scene is part of the film and it goes well with the film’s narrative. She says she had done the scene as an artiste but is unaware whether it will be used for publicity. Neha Patil has also gone on to say that the publicity poster and the scene have not been cleared by the Censor Board and that the team will cut the scene if the Board orders for it.

Women activists are demanding swift action against the team of the film and the removal of all posters of the movie.

Music album of Title Beka released
he music album of the film Title Beka was released by retired police officer Sangram Singh at a crowded function in Bengaluru on Friday evening.

Director Anand G K said he is freedom fighter Subhash Chandra Bose’s admirer and so he opted to have the audio release of his film on Bose’s birthday which fell on Friday. The team of Title Beka had a photo of the late freedom fighter at the function.

The film, which stars Ayush, Neha Patil and Manasi in lead roles, has six songs in its album. Music has been composed by Nobin Paul. Director Anand said the songs had been shot in Manali and Mysuru among other locales.

Anand also said the film’s post-production work is almost complete adding that the team hopes to release the film by the end of February or March.

RJ Rapid Rashmi who compered the programme was not briefed about the programme and so was found wanting in the show. Music composer R P Patnaik was also present.

Title Beka is produced by Sangamesh Halagatti and Mahadevappa Halagatti. The film has cinematography by Rakesh Tilak.
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