rema Pallakki will release in about 60 to 70 theatres across Karnataka on December 18. The film is directed by Sudhakar Shetty and produced by Gangadhar. The film stars Anant Nag, Sangeetha, Vikram, Ashwini and Achyuth among others. Vineeth Raj has scored the music. Nagarjun is the cinematographer.

Director Sudhakar Shetty said the film is a kind of love story with some doses of action. He said Peter Haynes has done the action scenes for the film which is innovative.

Vikram said the film will appeal to all sections of audiences and termed the movie as a package cinema. Prema Pallakki is an enjoyable journey that will make audiences feel as if it is their own love story.

Ashwini Chandrashekar said she personally connected with her character in the movie. She said the movie has taken a real incident and made it into a story. She said her character has dual shades and added that Prema Pallakki should have been her debut movie but for the delay. She expressed the hope that the movie will give her a break.

Dialogue and screenplay writer Anand Priya said the movie has all the ingredients right from dealing with farmers issue, migration of villagers to cities and the exploitation of girls. The movie has a message for the youths, he said.

Producer Gangadhar said he had a desire to shoot a film on karate and martial arts and expressed happiness that Prema Pallakki has achieved it to some extent. He said Vikram was chosen for the lead role after he was auditioned and it was known that he knew karate. He said the film is a family story with love and sentiment besides giving sport an impetus.

‘Since my childhood I’m a stubborn man. In my childhood I wanted to ride a cycle. That dream was fulfilled by my father. When I grew up I wanted to ride a bike. That dream was too achieved. Later on I wanted to purchase a car. That too came true. Then I wanted to start an institution, to become a councilor and lastly film producer. In all these ventures I have had able to succeed too. Now I’m confident that my debut production movie ‘Prema Pallakki’ is also going to win indeed’ - H.N.Gangadhar, producer of the movie expressed the confidence.

These words were pronounced by H.N.Gangadhar at the time of audio release of ‘Prema Pallakki’ and it is the indication of his inborn confidence.

Releasing the audio of ‘Prema Pallakki’ R.Ashok, the former deputy CM said, ‘Film industry is like a cake where as stars are like cherry. Stars cannot glitter independently without the support of technician crew. Technicians work like the base, where as stars glitter like decorum.’

‘Kannada film industry is facing inner fight as well as outside. In this multi dimensional competition, only good movies would be able to succeed’ he said.

Vikram, hero of the movie who is a gold medalist in martial arts said, ‘in my film journey, Ravi Garani taught me to crawl, whereas V.Sudhakar Shetty taught to run in my debut movie ‘Prema Pallakki’. Though I’m a karate student, Peter Haynes, the stunt master is an extraordinary and stunning stunt master. He has composed some splendid stunts in which I stumbled a little bit’ he lauded.

Ashwini, heroine of the movie told, ‘Even though I’ve had already acted in Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam movies, I’m very glad that for the first time I’m working in my mother tongue movie. The movie has really come out very well’ she said.

Lahari Velu lauded the movie as tasteful movie.

Vineet Raj Menon expressed his thanks to movie makers and director and said, ‘the movie has got lot of scope for music. As the movie is based on love subject, I’ve had lot of scope to experiment with music’ he said.

Dasarahalli constituency MLA Muniraju, Lyricist V.Nagendra Prasad, Directors Suni, Ananth Shine, literary personality Hariharapriya and others were present in the press meet.
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ho says the Kannada cinema industry is not reaching places. Look at this film ‘Prema Pallakki’ – instead of shooting the martial arts at some of the well known spots in the world, producer Gangadhar has roped in experts from various countries like Hongkong, USA, Vietnam and other places to get the same feel for action portions of his ‘Prema Pallakki’.

With well known Peter Heins around the chilling action portions are sure to treat the audience when the film is released. Vikram hero of “Prema Pallakki” has got training from San Chang in Bangalore. It was full three months preparation he got to get in to the shoes of ‘Martial Arts’ for the film purpose. Yanik and Vikram in the bout of free style action were found when the media went to the Rajiv Gandhi Stadium situated next to Jinke Park near TR Mills.

Peter Heins who worked for ‘Sathya In Love’ in the past is back again and he has not decided on what he would get in terms of money. He is only giving his best for a newcomer cinema. I do not differentiate. I have come from ‘Bahubali’ directing a war sequence with 2000 stuntmen around. This film in Kannada is also important like the big ones he says. Peter Heins is giving three actions in this ‘PP’ and he hopes the world standard will be met. I have lot more to do and yet to prove in this field says humble Heins.

One should not put up walls for his dreams say director Sudhakar Shetty. He has worked under a few directors and taken up his first independent direction.

Gangadhar a Karate belt champion a councilor is producer of the film. He is investing huge on the action portions.

Prema Pallakki hero is Vikram from television to cinema. He got good training in martial arts that is enough for the film purpose. Ashwini Chandrasekhar is female lead. She has two shades in the film.

Anandapriya has worked on screenplay and dialogues for five months. 

love story for the present generation has to be strong and sensible. This is what the team of Sudhar Shetty debut director, councilor also a poet HN Gangadhar, writers Anand Priya and Srikanth have thought.

A pretty good work has been put in four months of duration for ‘Prema Pallakki’ Kannada cinema. The surprises in screenplay with real life incidents like house arrest, forest guest house development and a happening on a hill. With these three incidents Sudhar Shetty is introducing Amrutha Varshini television serial actor a Karate Belt champion Sridhar with a new name Vikram. Ashwini another talented and intelligent youngster is the female lead.

Sudhar Shetty says this is not a very great story but putting in front of the public is interesting and appealing. He has worked with senior directors V Ravichandran, B Suresh and others.

The poem of councilor Gangadhar from Rajagopala Nagara has taken the shape of a script. Gangadhar childhood aspiration of a good story for the cinema is happening from ‘Prema Pallakki’.

A Bijapur boy from modeling to television serial Amrutha Varshini is real life black belt Karate exponent. He is also doing stunts for the film to give a natural feel.

Good looking and on the way to Architecture engineering degree, Vidwat in classical dance Ashwini is in her debut but she has acted in two Tamil films.

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