annada film‘+’ (Plus or Positive), an Anant Nag starrer will hit the screens on October 16. The film is directed by Gadda Viji, directors Yogaraj Bhat and Suri’s trusted protégé. The film also stars Chetan Chandra, newbie Shalini, producer and writer of the film Ritesh and Ravishankar. Shweta Pandit and Aishani Shetty appear in special roles.

Gadda Viji told reporters on Tuesday that the movie ‘+’ is a multilayered story and that it would be difficult to explain the contents or its elements. He said even if a bit of the story is revealed it could lead to confusion in the minds of the audiences. He also said it would be difficult to put the film in one category or one genre as the film’s ingredients is a mixture of every genre that can be thought about.

Viji said there is a victory for all goodness and that is what ‘+’ signifies. The movie is a total entertainer with a message, he said.

Nataranga Rajesh said he plays an stylish investigating police officer in the movie. He said it was heartening to watch Anant Nag’s enthusiasm during the shoot as he was happy with the content. He said the film unit was vibrant with verve and energy at the production stage and that should signify a huge plus to the movie.

Producer and script writer Ritesh said he didn’t know if the script would turn out to be a short film or a feature film. But, he said it was Yogaraj Bhat’s encouragement that converted itself into a film. When Anant Nag said okay to the film it was another huge plus. “We wanted a six pack hero for the movie and Chetan Chandra fitted the bill and made it another plus,” he said.

Ritesh said Ravishankar’s presence is a big plus and Chetan Gandharva’s popular song also make it a huge plus to the movie.

Chetan Chandra said he was lucky to be part of a big star cast and that it had exceeded his expectations. He hoped that the film will be plus to his career.

Singer Chetan Gandharva also spoke.

Executive Producer Pradhan said the movie was logistically challenging for the team and the graphics was equally challenging. He said the audiences are appreciating new Kannada movies adding that he hoped ‘+’ will do well artistically and financially.

Anant Nag could not make it to the press meet as he was busy in another shoot.

he film ‘Plus’ had its music launch on Saturday night which saw a spin of the changing times. If some film-makers chose to release their film’s music on whatsapp some time back, the team of Plus chose the ubiquitous pen drive for the music launch.

Anant Nag who is playing a key role in the film made a rare public appearance at the music launch of his film ‘Plus’. That’s not all. His actress wife of 1980s Gayathri made a rare public appearance by sharing the dais with her husband and the team of Plus.

Speaking at the function, Anant Nag said he had reservations about sporting a beard when writer Ritesh and director Gadda Viji came up to him with the script. “I didn’t like to sport a new look. But, my hairdresser and makeup man along with my wife liked me in this new avatar that you see me in the film and so as they say that you have to dress up for others I agreed,” he said.

Anant Nag said it was truly a different kind of experience working in the movie Plus as the movie cannot be put into one genre or category.

Director Gadda Vijay who was looking tensed did not talk about the film. However, he said he will talk to the media about the movie at a later stage but said Plus is Sarvam Anant Nag Mayam.

Music director Bharat B J presented a live orchestra of the movie’s songs with he himself crooning a few numbers. Ritisha and Chetan Gandharva also sang their respective songs at the do.

Yogaraj Bhat said it gave him a high to pen songs for Viji’s film Plus and said Anant Nag’s performance in the film will be a stand out.

Chetan Chandra who is playing the lead role said Plus is an experimental movie and said he has a role that has not been seen in any movie so far without disclosing what his role was. He said he couldn’t have underplayed or overplayed his character because of Gadda Viji’s direction. Chetan Chandra said acting in the movie Plus was like going to a chemistry lab and also joining the Bhat’s school of cinema.

Shalini who is playing the female lead said she did not know the story. She said she accepted the role because of Anant Nag’s presence. Shalini said she was tempted by the offer because the senior actor was there in it. She said it is an experimental movie.

Shruthi Hariharan appears glamourous in a special song Sunday Bantu that she has danced for. She said accepting the offer to be a part of this song was instinctive. She said she did it because of Gadda Viji, her interest to be part of Yogaraj Bhat’s film and finally because of choreographer Imran Sardaria. She said she didn’t want to miss it as it was part of being an artiste.

Ritesh who has written the story said they got the look test done for Anant Nag and thanked the senior actor for saying yes to the film.
The film’s trailer was shown to the gathering.

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