unil Kumar Singh and his brother C N Nagendra Singh who makes wedding cards announced their foray into film production under their own banner Singh Cinemaas and launched their first film titled www.meenabazaar., for which the motion poster was also launched on the festive occasion of Vijayadashami.

Sunil Kumar Singh is back after a hiatus. He had directed Maduve Mane with Ganesh in the lead.

Sunil Kumar Singh who has directed teleserials like Godhuli and Manvanthara took this opportunity to take the blessings of his mentors T S Nagabharana and T N Seetharam who gave him the break into the world of entertainment as a director. Sunil Singh also took the blessings of Godhuli producer N S Rajakumar and director Gurudutt for giving him the break on television that made him direct four more daily soaps.

Sa Ra Govindu, KFCC president launched the new banner name on the occasion. Govindu said with the guidance of his mentors Sunil would succeed as a director in their own banner.

T S Nagabharana who unveiled the title said Sunil Kumar Singh is out to prove that he is prepared to do good movies and not just do anything as cinema medium has come to be known for. He said ‘cinema is education; and ‘education is in cinema’. Today, he said the focus is on marketing the movies. Out of 130 Kannada films that get released, at least 30 films have to win at the box-office while wishing the brothers success in a field of cinema which is no man’s land.

T N Seetharam said Sunil had directed episodes of Manvanthara better than himself although he (Seetharam) took the credit for the same in the Samvaada. He said it is a challenge to bring technology and talent together.

Sunil Kumar Singh said he got the right opening through Manvanthara and Nagabharana exposed him to the theatre world.

Sunil Singh said the casting and credits for the film www.meenabazaar., are being worked out. Mathew Rajan is the cameraman. Manikanth Khadri is the music composer and Srikanth is the editor. The film’s shoot will begin in November, he said.

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