here are few films on Bengaluru as a subject. Director Raviteja who has dabbled in theatre and television before calling the shots as a director has turned the spotlight on life in Bengaluru and made it a subject for his film Jaathre.

Kiran (Chetan) is in a village who is forced by his parents (father) to find employment in Bengaluru after his graduation. It is the father who actually wants his son to find employment who has his way by blackmailing the son. Director Raviteja has tried to show everything that could possibly happen in Bengaluru in a single day and that is quite a commendable effort.

There are two love stories, drug mafia and human trafficking that is part of city life and Kiran effectively fights all the evils. The film shows how the hero loses much more than what he gets from Bengaluru. Raviteja feels that there is a jaathre in Bengaluru everyday and it is symbolically represented. Bengaluru is marked by malls, pub culture, thugs, clean roads sans vehicles and drunkards which is effectively picturised by Jagadish Wali.

Songs are good. Aishwarya Nag is a television crime reporter who falls in love with the hero for his goodness. The hero also falls for her charm and beauty. Aishwarya sports a single costume throughout the movie except for the songs. The heroine kind of loses her hero and whether the two of them reunite is not known. The director has indicated that this will be answered in the film’s sequel. Chetan and Aishwarya have acted well.

Jaathre is worth a watch.

aathre, a Kannada film that has Bengaluru city as a subject will release in about 70 theatres across Karnataka on December 11 and N Kumar has bought the distribution rights of the film. The film is directed by Raviteja and is produced by Srikanth Mohan and Ramaswamy. The film stars Chetan Chandra and Aishwarya Nag in lead roles.

Director Raviteja told journalists that jaathres (melas and fairs) happen in villages once in a year but in a city like Bengaluru it is a mela everyday. He said Bengaluru has all kinds of emotions and that he had chosen Bengaluru as a subject. Bengaluru is inhabitated by rich, middle-class and lower classes and the lifestyle falls in these categories.

He praised the actors for their natural performances. He recalled the dedication with which the shot the sequences in rain in Mudigere. There is a surprise package for the audiences from scene to scene, he said. Rakshit Shetty, Akshay, Shravanth, Veena Ponnappa and Master Anand make special appearances in the movie.

Producer Srikanth said he could relate to the story as there are different situations in Bengaluru that are depicted well in the movie. Chetan had maintained a good physique while Aishwarya looked and acted good in the movie, he said. Producer Ramaswamy said he expects the movie to give a break to many artistes.

Chetan Chandra said he plays a guy who has finished his education and comes to Bengaluru for a living. He said he would like this movie as an audience. He said his character meets a number of people in a day and all kinds of characters. He said his role is like that of a child who gets lost in the city. Whether he goes back to his native or not forms the crux of the film’s climax, he said.

Aishwarya Nag said she was glad that the movie had got a U certificate from the censors and won appreciation from its members. She said the movie doesn’t bore the audience and declared that it was her best film so far in her career. She said the film is a simple, realistic story that happens in a day with real-life kind of incidents.

She said she plays a television journalist who is a crime reporter. She said her role is strong and is risky. She plays Kiran and theres a cute love story with the hero’s name also being Kiran. The heroine is unable to express her love although she is a strong girl. Aishwarya said she has worn a single costume in the entire movie and has been given a different look.

aviteja directed, Ramaswamy-Srikanth produced and Chetanchandra-Aishwarya Nag starrer ‘Jathre’ movie’s shooting is completed.

Addressing the media in this regard, Raviteja, director of the movie said, ‘Jathre’ is my debutant directorial movie in which colorfulness of Bengaluru is focused. The story is about the protagonist who hails from outside of Bengaluru and faces accidental incidents in his life. The movie portrays the colorfulness as well as meanness of Bengaluru with protagonist role.

‘Basically I’m a student of Adarsha Film Institute and the student of veteran director Bhagawan. Even Usha Bhandari was too my teacher at that time, who helped me a lot to continue my education’ he reminded.

‘After stepping into Film Industry, I worked with Myna Chandru, Om Prakash Rao, K.V.Raju and Aravind Kaushik like talented directors. Though I started the movie ‘Biscuit’, it was winded up due to unavoidable reasons. With almost new script we have shot ‘Jathre’ movie’ he clarified to a question from journalists.

‘People use to say that there are few heroes in Kannada Film Industry. But, when I observed the talent and dedication of Chetanchandra, I think he is Kannada’s Allu Arjun’ he certified.

Chetanchandra, Hero of the movie said, ‘Raviteja is known for me since ‘Rajadhani’ movie. As he is a talented artist too, it became easy for me to work with him. He was very perfect about his shots which made me to give my best in performance.’

‘Raviteja is well known for me since ‘Ninande nenapu’ movie. ‘Jathre’ story is very impressive and movie has come out really well. The movie was shot for 50 days in Bengaluru, Mangaluru and other greenery places’ Ramaswamy, Producer of the movie said.

Srikanth, another producer of the movie said, ‘Cinema is my passion since my childhood. Raviteja is also my childhood friend. When he approached me with ‘Jathre’ script, I agreed to produce the movie without second thought.’

Veteran director Bhagawan lauded Raviteja as a talented writer and wished him to become a successful director.

Usha Bhandari praised Raviteja as a talented story writer. She even said that, she is going to buy all his stories if he permits and they shall be sold to the producers who are interested in them.

Choreographer Tribhuvan was present in press meet. Aishwarya Nag, heroine of the movie was absent to press meet as she was busy in her Telugu movie shooting.
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akshit Shetty released the music cd of the film Jaathre at a function in Bengaluru on Friday evening. The film stars Chetan Chandra and Aishwarya Nag in lead roles and is directed by Ravi Teja. The film is produced by Srikanth, Mohan Bavale and Ramaswamy.

Speaking on the occasion, Rakshit Shetty said his first film was made by the same producer. He said he did not do the guest role as a token of gratitude or indebtedness but he had accepted the offer after seeing the footage.

Debutant director Ravi Teja said villages hold fairs once in a year but in cities fairs are almost held every other day. The film is about the male protagonist who is from a village but comes to the city for livelihood. He experiences a lot of hardships and later manages to solve and manage his troubles.

Ravi Teja said Jaathre showcases his 14 years of struggle. He said the story and imagination were different but his mind was one.

Chetan Chandra said he is happy to have played a good role. He said he had already done two Tamil films and a Telugu film and is happy to be getting opportunities.

Aishwarya Nag said she is playing a bubbly television reporter who helps the hero in his hardships.

Singers Santosh and Supriya Lohit were present. Supriya expressed her happiness of singing with Puneeth in the film. Music composer Manikanth Kadri said he had set tunes to four songs which have come out well.

Jagadish Wali is the cinematographer and Tribhuvan is the choreographer.

The film is likely to release in August or September.

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