annada film ‘Happy Birthday’ that got released last weekend starring newcomers Sachin and Samskruty Shenoy is doing well at the box-office. The film is produced by Cheluvaraya Swamy and directed by Mahesh Sukhadhare.

Director Sukhadhare told reporters in a thanksgiving meet that the response to the movie has been good thanks to media reports and added that the audiences have liked the film.

Sachin thanked the director, team and media and Achyuth Kumar for guiding him as a friend. He said Dattanna also helped him. He said though he didn’t share frames with Ashwini they had worked for a day together and it was a good experience.

Achyuth Kumar said he escaped the gym regimen during the shoot but took up ‘Donne Varase’. He however the film helped him to get back to good health and exercising. He said Sachin was open to new ideas as an actor for a newcomer.

Ashwini Gowda said she liked her role so much that it evoked curiosity in herself about how she had performed. She said she waited for the film to release and added that Sachin had acted well in the movie. She said it was a pleasure to work with Achyuth and Dattanna.

Dattanna said Kannada cinema is shining as good films were being made which also were becoming popular. He said new producers, directors and actors were coming up which is a sign that the industry is growing. He said Happy Birthday glorifies the rural milieu. He said Mahesh is a disciplined worker who gives a lot of creative freedom to all.

Dialogue writer Nagamangala Krishnamurthy said on director’s insistence Mandya dialect was given a different touch in the movie and presented differently. 

annada film ‘Happy Birthday’ will hit the screens all over Karnataka this Friday on August 26 in about 180 to 200 theatres. The film has got a U/A certificate from the censors. Jack Manju is distributing the film. The film is produced by MLA N Cheluvaraya Swamy and directed by Mahesh Sukhadhare. The film marks the debut of Cheluvaraya Swamy’s son Sachin and Samskruty Shenoy.

Producer Cheluvaraya Swamy told reporters that the process has been completed and is now awaiting release into the theatres.  He said director Mahesh Sukhadhare has introduced two youths in thisfilm and Rebel Star Ambarish will be appearing in a cameo role. Srinagara Kitty, Chikkanna, Achyuth Kumar, Bullet Prakash are also in the movie. Harikrishna has scored the music to lyrics penned by Kalyan and Nagendra Prasad.

The producer said people who have heard the songs have appreciated it and hoped that the audiences will bless the new and upcoming youths into the cinema world.

Director Mahesh Sukhadhare said Sachin and Samskruty were being introduced in the movie and urged media persons to encourage and support the newcomers into the industry. He however said it didn’t seem to him that they were newcomers on the sets and at work. He praised both of them for their commitment because they listened to the director and his instructions.

The director said the response to the songs and the teaser were good and added that there was a lot of curiosity about the film.

Sachin thanked his father and director for giving him a good opening. He said he also enjoyed Ambarish’s guidance on the sets. He said he enjoyed the love of everyone on the sets and the support that he got from the media.

Distributor Jack Manju said Harikrishna has composed a different pattern of musical notes for the film. He said the fight sequences were also well shot besides the songs.

Samskruty Shenoy said she desired to work in Kannada cinema and added that she was waiting for right opportunity and the right role to play. She said she was excited and nervous about the film’s release.

he audio of the film ‘Happy Birthday’ was released in Mandya on Saturday night amidst a huge gathering in a public ground. Yash, Srinagara Kitty, Ambarish, Rockline Venkatesh, Doddanna and the film’s cast and crew were present to launch the film’s audio. The film is produced by Mahesh Sukhadhare and Cheluvaraya Swamy and is directed by Mahesh Sukhadhare. The film stars Sachin and Samskruty Shenoy in lead roles.

Yash said he knew Mandya lad Sachin and wished him good luck to make it big. He said even if opening is strong only people with talent would survive. He said Sachin is talented and wished him all the best.
Doddanna said Cheluvaraya Swamy is like a doll who could have become a hero. But now, he said his son is becoming a hero with the father’s blessings.

Rockline Venkatesh said the film’s audio release is happening in the sugar bowl of Karnataka and added that people of Mandya were as sweet as sugar.

Srinagara Kitty said a child is born in Kannada cinema and added that it is duty of people to nurse, rear and help it grow well referring to Sachin.

Mahesh Sukhadhare said he wanted to speak but he said Ambarish’s presence has put him off. Sachin said Ambarish and Darshan have supported him and gifted him everything while thanking them. Samskruty Shenoy said she was happy and excited to be working in her first Kannada film.

Ambarish said the film’s heroine is a Kannada girl and that’s why he wanted her to speak. Happy Birthday is like a birthday got all of them involved in the film. Sachin ogles at girls just like him and he seemed dedicated, he said.

Addressing the Mandya crowd, Ambarish said he had reached the position because of the people of Mandya He said invisible hands and people unknown to him had helped him. Samskruty has the charm and beauty while urging people to encourage her. He said he was paid remuneration for the film Ambarisha even if it was a title with his name.

Yash belted out dialogues from his films and there were song and dance programmes prior to the audio launch.
Ambarish shooed away photographers who crowded around him. But, a little while later on stage he said photographers were his friends and since they knew his behaviour they would not mind his harsh tone earlier.

ebel Star Ambarish and now former minister Ambarish launched the trailer and first look of the upcoming film Happy Birthday at a function in Bengaluru on Saturday night. The film is directed by Mahesh Sukhadhare and is produced by Dhanalakshmi Cheluvarayaswamy and Bhagya Sukhadhare. Legislator Cheluvaraya Swamy’s son Sachin is debuting as a hero in the movie and Samskruthy Shenoy is the female lead in the movie.

The film’s audio release will happen in Mandya at the Vishweshwaraya Stadium on July 23. He said Ambarish will be the chief guest. This was announced by producer Cheluvaraya Swamy.

Earlier, speaking on the occasion, Ambarish said the film’s title suggests that it is the birth of a new actor and a new actress. He said newcomers should grow the industry and added that it is heartening to see the new hero with a lot of interest and enthusiasm. He said the film looks like it has been made by a Mandya team and the heroine though she hails from Karnataka lives in Kerala for her education.  Ambarish said the hero ogles at women like himself. He said he plays a guest role in the movie and appreciated the team for picturising the song well.

Director Mahesh Sukhadhare said after Ambarisha people wondered where he was lost while doubting his capability. The director said he wanted another Sambrama kind of film that would put him ahead. He said the film happens in Mandya and the city is one of the characters in the movie. Sukhadhare said he met Sachin accidentally at his home and signed him on. Ambarish came on board. He said he became confident that Sachin could become a hero for his movie. The director said he became tensed again on whether he could pull it off with youngsters.

The director went on to say that the heroine had not been finalized for a long time as the film required a content-based heroine. Again just like Sambrama, a girl from Kerala was chosen to play the heroine although she is originally from Karnataka. He said Samskruty Shenoy learnt Kannada quite easily. The director said he is now not so tensed as Happy Birthday is a simple love story between a boy next door and a girl. Krishnamurthy has written the dialogues.

Music composer V Harikrishna said he considered himself as one of the newcomers. He said the backdrop and the lyrics were new to him. He said re-recording for the movie is on and the movie has new stunts which include auto chase, cycle chase and some daring fights. Suresh Jayakrishna (Cinetech Suri) has worked as the cinematographer.

Cheluvaraya Swamy thanked Ambarish for supporting his son all through and as a newcomer into the industry. He said he never interfered with the team as he was not well versed with the medium. He said he knew Dr Rajkumar from close quarters and Dr Vishnuvardhan who was also close to him even before Ambarish who hails from the same district.

Sachin said he wanted to be an actor but never knew how to convince his father. He said his father asked him about his interest and was convinced about his entry into films. He said he became tensed but the director told him to follow his instructions. The debutant said the director and the writer have drawn the best from him and thanked Ambarish for guiding him as a father figure.

Samskruty Shenoy said she considers herself lucky to be working in the movie. She said it was her first movie in Kannada and a new experience altogether. She said the film is special to her and thought that it could be a turning point in her career. Shenoy said she plays a Mandya girl in the movie. She said the language and slang was new to her and that she was excited and nervous at the same time about the movie.

Stunt master Jolly Bastin said he was given total freedom to shoot the stunts. Krishnamurthy said he was penning the dialogues for the first time.

Ashwini Gowda said she was happy that the director thought of casting her for the role that she did. She said she plays the role of a mother who is a typical Nagamangala housewife.

egislator Cheluvarayaswamy’s son Sachin made a bow into cinema with a new film titled ‘Happy Birthday’ that mounted the sets on Friday in Bengaluru.

Former prime minister H D Deve Gowda wished his party legislator’s son and H D Kumaraswamy switched on the camera with Yash and Upendra giving their best wishes to the new actor.

‘Happy Birthday’ is being produced and directed by Mahesh Sukhadhare based on a story written by him. Cheluvarayaswamy said he is happy that his son has decided to become an actor. He said he himself wanted to become an actor but now son is realizing his dream.

“I am just 54. I don’t want to use my son for politics. I intend to remain in active politics at least for another 15 years,” Cheluvarayaswamy said.

Sachin said he plays a good for nothing guy in the movie who has just finished his college and is enjoying his time with friends.

Mahesh Sukhadhare said Happy Birthday is used as a slang in Mandya and the film is set against a rural backdrop. The hero fights for the family in the movie. The film will be shot in Devalapura, Srirangapatna, Mandya and Nagamangala where the story takes place. He said the climax of the film will have Dasara as the backdrop. The heroine of the movie is yet to be selected.

The shoot for the movie will begin by the end of the month.

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