ero Made In India, a Kannada children’s film has been selected for seven international film festivals. The film which released last weekend has been getting encouraging response from the multiplex audiences, according to the film’s director Giridev Hassan. The film is running in 15 multiplex screens all over the state – Bengaluru, Mysuru, Mangaluru and Gulbarga. He said the film will release in single screen theatres on Jan 6.

A special screening of the movie was arranged for journalists on Tuesday afternoon. The film turns the spotlight on the relationship between father and son. Madhusudan of Putani Pantru fame, a nine-year-old special kid has played the role of Appu who goes all out to support his father by sacrificing small things and the father played by Nataraj is more than giving as he goes extreme in supporting his son.

In fact, both Madhusudan and Nataraj have given their best performances in the movie. When the father meets with an accident and gets affected, his son who has been wayward in school turns around in not only helping himself but also his father Shankara in attaining the heights in his profession. The father Shankara wants his son to survive the brain tumour with the insurance money that the father will get in case of his death.

The film with a running time of 2 hours 10 minutes will now be remade in Hindi, according to film’s producer Vaidya. The producer says the film’s subject is one of its kind in Indian cinema. Director Giridev Hassan has taken care to maintain the tempo of the film well. Giridev will be co-directing the film in Hindi

Madhusudan said he liked the rain effect in the movie. Nataraj said he is happy with the opportunity that he got through this film.

‘Zero Made In India’, a new Kannada film has completed its shoot and is ready for release in a couple of months. The film is written and directed by Giridev Hasan who has also penned the lyrics and produced by Sree Dummigere Chowdilakshmi Productions. A G Vaidya, Ananya G, Haidev, Sadik M, Adhya are co producers of this film. The film stars Master Madhusudan of Putani Pantaru fame, Nataraj and Kamal among others.

Debutant director Giridev Hasan told reporters that he has not compromised on the movie although it is a small budget film. He said the team didn’t have money and it was like starting from zero. He said he was waiting for this moment to appear before the media. He said he was surprised that a director like Deepak Shivadasani has evinced interest in the film after seeing its trailer.

Giridev Hasan said the film was shot in 32 days in Bengaluru. The movie has two songs and is in the final stages of post-production work. He said the film is based on a story that is drawn from his own life and experiences and it deals with the relationship between father and son. He said he hit upon the story idea when his father met with an accident.

Nataraj who has acted as a father to Master Madhusudan said he was happy that he got an opportunity and he waited for this moment. He said there is some suspense in the film as well. He said he dreamt of becoming an actor from his childhood.

Well-known Hindi film producer and director Deepak Shivadasani has expressed his interest to remake the Kannada film in Hindi. Deepak Shivadasani who has made Hindi films such as Baaghi, Pehchaan, Madam X, Julie, Dadagiri, Ladaai, Krishna, Bhai, Ye Raste Hain Pyar Ke, Mr Black Mr White and now Julie 2 that features Kannada actress Raai Laxmi in the lead said he wished to remake this Kannada film Zero Made in India into a Hindi film after watching the entire film.

Shivadasani said he was excited with the making of South films. He said South Indian films have good stories and content. He said he had seen Prema Loka and Upendra’s A. The Hindi film-maker said cinema has no language and Zero Made in India intrigued him as a title and appealed to him when he saw the child crying in the trailer. He said the spirit of director is important and hoped that it stays. He said the nativity of the film will be tweaked for Hindi with the emotion remaining the same.

Kamal who celebrated his birthday on the day and who is also acting in Julie 2 that is being made by Deepak Shivadasani this year said he plays an English teacher in Zero Made in India who tortures the kid till the first half.

Master Madhusudan said he was happy with the story that he heard after he returned from school. He said he is also happy that the film is going to be remade in Hindi.

Parag has scored the music and Shankar is the cameraman. Laya Kokila, Aadya and Suchitra among others are also in the cast of Zero Made in India.

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