enendu Hesaridli, a love story and a family entertainer produced by husband and wife duo Srinivas Kulkarni and Shruti Kulkarni under the banner Sugar Cube Creations has completed its shoot and is eyeing a November release for the movie. The movie is directed by debutant Ravi Basappanadoddi who has directed Guptagamini and Putta Gowri Maduve among other daily television serials. The film is a message-oriented subject based on Purnesh Sagar’s story according to the producers. The film stars Arjun, Roja, Chitkala Biradar, Milind Gunaji, Sunethra Pandit, Umesh and Sanketh Kashi among others.

Director Ravi said he considers himself lucky that he got this break to direct this film. He said songs in the movie have been given equal importance as the story. He said Yenendu Hesaridli is a matured love story with the mother and daughter in focus. He said the film was shot in Mangaluru, Koppa and Chikkamagaluru among other locales. Manjunath Nayak is the cameraman. The film deals with the dilemma faced by a girl who has to decide between choosing her parents and her love.

Senior journalist Jogi who has written the dialogues said the film has done away with the stereotypes which is why he agreed to write for the movie. He said the film redefines relationships and is a kind of love triangle between mother, daughter and the lover.

Music composer Surendranath said he is scoring music in his second film which has six songs. He said a song has been picturised on late Sanketh Kashi who plays a major role in the film. He said almost all the songs are montage numbers.

Television actor Arjun of Akka fame whose real name is Yogesh Raj said he changed his name to Arjun as the serial gave him popularity in his new name and people recognized him as Arjun. He said he plays a bubbly character which was challenging. He said he shared frames with Kashi and is in love with the heroine in the movie.

Story writer Sagar spoke about the story.

Senior actor Umesh said he plays a small role with Chitkala Biradar. He said he enjoyed the treatment and love given to him by the team.

Chitkala Biradar said he plays the mother of the heroine Kaveri. She said her character gives a twist to the story as it has enough meat. She said the team is unlucky to have lost Kashi’s voice as he was supposed to dub for his portion before being hospitalized and after his treatment.

Sunethra Pandit said she plays Chitkala’s friend who has a peculiar and a crazy dress sense.

The heroine Roja could not attend the meet.   

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