‘Yashogathe’, a horror thriller film is ready for release as the film’s production and post-production work has been completed. The film is directed by Vinod J Raj and produced by Hari Tiwari. The film stars Manasa Joshi, Pavithra Belliappa, Master Lohit Surya and Baby  Twisha Adappa Tandoor.

Director Vinod Raj told reporters that he met an old woman during the making of a documentary who knew about her past life. He said there were some mysterious elements which created fear in our minds and in what she saw. The director who has also worked as the cinematographer of the movie said after listening to the woman it changed his perspective towards life.

Vinod Raj said the film was shoot for 27 days in a house in a village near Udupi.

Producer Hari Tiwari said they (he and director Vinod) decided to produce the film as they could not find a producer to fund the movie.

Manasa Joshi said she plays Triveni a freedom fighter who looks after her family and their needs. She has a responsibility towards her family and at the same time she has to deal with the British Raj. She has a fair amount of tension about her daughter and whether her husband will return home. Meanwhile, unusual problems surface at home that includes a horror element. Manasa said the role was close to her heart.

Pavithra Belliappa said she plays Bhagirathi who is a playful character and which is opposite to that of her sister Triveni. Pavithra said Bhagirathi is an irresponsible young woman who is immature and has some confusions about how she has to react to situations.

Master Lohit Surya said he plays a mischievous and a naughty boy who gets scolded all the time.

Costume designer Roshni said she never felt that the director was a newcomer and that she was given full freedom to costume designing and styling because of the clarity of vision that the director had.

Director Vinod and producer Hari Tiwari said the team is eyeing the release of the movie in March.

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