he teaser of the film ‘Vote For India’ was launched at a function in Bengaluru on Tuesday evening. The film is produced by Prema Ranganath and co-produced by Deepika Avinash and Avinash. Shanthu Yadav is directing the movie and Durga Kiran is the cameraman. C Mahesh has written the screenplay and dialogues. The film stars Karthik and Rakshak among others.

Director Yadav told journalists that the film mirrors what is happening in the country these days. He said the film is about the hero settled in the US returning to India to change the country. He said the film will cover all aspects and especially the democratic exercise of voting. He said people need to elect the right people to government.

Yadav said the film had just begun its shoot and the second schedule of shoot will begin from Jan 21 and added that it will be shot in Bengaluru. The film has three songs for which Veer Samarth will be scoring the music.

Mahesh said the focus is on voting for India and that the electorate should think about the country when they exercise their franchise. He said the concept is that youths should work for the country.

Karthik who is playing the lead said he had acted in the serial Smt Bhagyalakshmi and that the film is about what is happening in India.

Rakshak said people converse about problems but nobody solves them and added that people can solve the problems. He said people should not commit mistakes and then repent later.

Cameraman Durga Kiran who is son of senior cinematographer Krishna Kumar said it is his second film and his first in Kannada.

Ba Ma Harish said people should think and vote. Mamatha, mother of Rakshak was also present.

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