hallenging Star Darshan’s much-delayed film Viraat will be hitting the screens on January 29 across Karnataka. Darshan had made known his intention to have at least two releases a year after he finished Mr Airavatha. But, in 2016 he will have three releases – Viraat, Jaggu Dada in May and his yet to be launched film Chakravarthy in November.

Darshan who was nursing an injury for a month is now back in action and has almost finished his work in the film Jaggu Dada. In Viraat, he will be romancing three heroines – Vidisha Srivastava, Isha Chawla and Chaitra. According to Darshan, the story has equal importance for all the heroines and there are three sides to love in the movie.

The film talks about the power problem that plagues the state and provides solutions and Darshan says the film is relevant even after five years.

Meanwhile, Darshan has announced that there will be no launch of new cinema on his birthday this year in February. He said six of his films that were launched on his birthday had taken close to a year for completion. Darshan said he wants to break that jinx and wants more releases – at least two film releases every year.

He said on his birthday this year on February 16, 2016 he will meet his fans at his Raja Rajeshwarinagar residence and has expressed his eagerness to work on the day. He said he would like to work on his birthday like any other day.

arshan-starrer Viraat will release on January 29 across Karnataka. According to director Vasu the team will go for a song shoot that is remaining to be canned soon after the Sankranti festival. The song will be picturised in a special set on the outskirts of Bengaluru and is expected to feature Darshan and all his three heroines together. Incidentally, this is the same set where Puneeth Rajkumar’s film shoot was held recently.

Viraat has already got a U/A certificate from the censors. Vasu says once the song shoot is over the movie will go to the censors again to obtain a fresh certificate.

arshan’s much-delayed Kannada film Viraat had its audio release in Bengaluru on Tuesday evening. The movie’s trailer was also released by Ambarish on the occasion. The film is produced by C Kalyan and directed by H Vasu. The movie stars Chaitra Chandranath, Isha Chawla and Vidisha Srivastava in female leads. V Harikrishna has scored the music.

In a well attended gathering that included the likes of Information Minister Roshan Baig, SIFCC President H D Gangaraju, Lahari Recording Company owners Manohar Naidu and Thulsiram Naidu (Velu) Karnataka Chalanachitra Academy Chairman S V Rajendra Singh Babu, Ravi Kottarkar of Film Federation of India, producers Krishna Reddy, Katragadda Prasad, financier Subramanyam, producers Chinne Gowda, Jayasri Devi, K C N Chandrasekhar, KFCC president Sa Ra Govindu, producer M N Kumar and actor Sampath among others were present.

Sa Ra Govindu said Ambarish was responsible for the film’s completion and thanked Subramanyam and Gangaraju on behalf of the industry.

Ambarish said he did feel that Darshan’s film should not be shelved and added that it was because of producer Kalyan’s initiative that Viraat got completed. He said Darshan had also felt that the film should be completed.

Director H Vasu said all the Gods had helped him in completing the film. He thanked Ambarish, Sa Ra Govindu, Venkatesh, Akshay and producer Kalyan besides Darshan himself for supporting and helping him in completing the film. He said Viraat will be a big and a good commercial film.

Producer Kalyan thanked Ambarish and Sumalatha for initiating his first production in Kannada cinema. He said he went to Darshan’s house and took his mother’s blessings. Besides, he  said Darshan co-operated by doling out dates required for the film’s shoot and thus helped in finishing the film.

Dialogue writer M S Ramesh said Darshan is smart Viraat for girls and he is ‘Hemmeya Viraat’ for elders. He is a tough Viraat for baddies and ‘Khushiya Viraat’ for his fans. He said people would get to have a ‘Viraat Darshana’ and see the ‘Viraata Roopa’ of the actor.

Darshan who was the last person to pick up the mike to address the crowd and his fans said audiences will get to see a different look of him in the movie. He said he didn’t want the movie to run for 100 days or celebrate a silver jubilee and block other Kannada films. He said he wanted his film to run to packed houses for  50 days as it would make the producer safe. He appealed to his fans to make the movie a big hit and allow it to run for 50 days.  Darshan said ‘Viraat’ is according to the trend and thanked his first film producer M G Ramamurthy.

arshan’s film Viraat has got U/A certificate from the censors. The film’s audio will now be released soon and the film is expected by the third week of January or by the end of the month. The film has three heroines Chaitra Chandranath, Vidisha Srivastava and Isha Chawla. Sadhu Kokila and Bullet Prakash are also in the cast. The film is directed by H Vasu. M S Ramesh has penned the story and dialogues. The film has been produced by C Kalyan who took over the reins of production from the earlier team.

he teaser of the much-delayed film Viraat that stars Darshan in the lead was launched at a function in Bengaluru by Sa Ra Govindu. The film has three heroines Chaitra Chandranath, Vidisha Srivastava and Isha Chawla vying for Darshan’s attention. The film is directed by H Vasu. M S Ramesh has penned the story and dialogues. The film has now been taken over by C Kalyan for completion of the production and to release the movie.

Director H Vasu said the film got delayed due to financial woes faced by producers. He said he got courage to finish the film after Darshan gave him the green signal to go ahead. Vasu said the post-production work of the film had been completed with just a song pending completion. He said producer Kalyan came forward to produce the film and finish this movie.

Producer Kalyan said he sought Darshan’s cooperation to finish the film. He said Darshan gave it (finishing the film) a thought and within five minutes he agreed to dole out dates for completion of the film. Kalyan expressed confidence that the film will break records and do exceedingly well at the box-office. He said even financier Subramaniam suggested that he completes the film.'

He said Viraat will create a sensation as the movie deals with a burning issue which is the power situation in the state. Kalyan said Sadhu Kokila and Bullet Prakash have come up with superb comedy and have also in fact danced together.

M S Ramesh said dialogues come after the story and the hero are finalized. He said there are three girls in love with the hero from different angles.

Lyricist Kaviraj said he was afraid that a song that he had written and that gave him satisfaction would not be used if the film was not completed. He said Viraat is a colourful which is tailormade to suit Darshan and his fans.

Darshan said he was apprehensive about completing the film when Kalyan came to him to finish it. He said he even suggested that the producer could take up another project but Kalyan insisted otherwise. He said director Vasu had waited for so long just like he himself who waited for several months to see if the project could be revived. He said it had taken three years finally to finish the film. Darshan said Viraat is a love story and suggests a way out to a problem with a moral.

Director Vasu said the trailer and the film’s audio will be launched soon and the film may see a release in January 2016.

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