inod Prabhakar, son of Tiger Prabhakar celebrated his 36th birthday with his fans, well-wishers, family and colleagues at his residence in Bengaluru on Thursday. His fans started his birthday celebration at the stroke of midnight and the young actor kept cutting cakes throughout the day.

Vinod Prabhakar thanked his fans, colleagues and friends who made this day a memorable one for him. He said he had always shied away from celebrating his birthday but this year he was forced by many to change his decision. The actor who has just completed shooting for his film Tyson was greeted on his birthday by his colleagues and the team of Tyson.

Vinod said he had not eaten breakfast or lunch during the day but he kept on gorging on cakes that were cut by his fans in plenty. He said he will not forget this birthday as it turned out to be one of his sweetest birthdays. Vinod said he had cut about 35 to 40 cakes of various sizes and shapes and had consumed more than 1 kg of sweet. But, he said he missed the presence of his parents and elders. He said it is necessary elders are there at home to give you the blessings.

He remembered how Tiger Prabhakar used to celebrate birthdays of all his children (Vinod’s siblings) together everytime one of them had a cake to cut. For instance, Vinod said if it was his birthday his father would buy new clothes for even his (Vinod’s) siblings and cut three cakes (for all the three children) or buy three sets of toys for all to keep all of them happy.  

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