ctress Vinaya Prasad announced her foray into film production by launching the banner Vinaya Prasad Productions and has also turned director under the banner’s first movie Lakshminarayanara Prapanchane Bere. The film will star Vinaya Prasad herself in the lead along with Manjunath Hegde, Pratham Prasad Rao, Ruthu, Shailaja Joshi and Jyotiprakash Atre. J G Krishna is the cameraman.  

Vinaya Prasad told reporters that the film will go on the floors in April and will be shot in Bengaluru. She said she has seen many good entertaining films and acted in some as well adding that the film has a couple that lives in a world of their own. She said the film is a comic entertainer with a message in the story that is not essentially meant to be preachy.

The actress-turned-producer and director said she was spurred and encouraged to direct a film by many including late Vishnuvardhan and the journalists.  

Vinaya Prasad said story is the hero and the screenplay is the heroine which has been helmed by her husband Jyothiprakash Atre. Atre said he would like to give back to the society that has given them everything. He said there is a lot of stress in our day-to-day living and the film is meant to be a stress buster for all the audiences.  

Cameraman Krishna said the film has melodrama and comedy and that it involves a lot of work for him behind the camera.  

Vinaya Prasad’s daughter Prathama said she had heard her mother say that she was a lucky child because her mother had attained stardom after her birth. She said she grew up seeing her mother donning the greasepaint and added that she felt her mother’s presence whenever she acted.       

Ravi Bhat, Vinaya Prasad’s actor brother said Vinaya has never worked in bad or distasteful films and so audiences can expect a good film from her banner and under her direction.  

A teaser of the film was also shown on the occasion and video clippings of actors wishing Vinaya all the best were also shown.

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