ijayaditya, a war-based historical film blended with a contemporary feel is now in its second leg of picturisation. The movie which is being made at a budget of Rs 10 crore has finished 40 days of shoot and 60 percent of graphics work. The movie is likely to take another six to eight months for completion with another 20 days of shoot pending.

Debutant director Nirbhay Chakravarthy said the film Vijayaditya is a historical film without any specific timeline or period but with an imaginative storyline. He said the movie is a war story that is blended with the contemporary social life. Dhananjaya is playing the title role with Parul Yadav and Kavya Shetty being the leading ladies. Shravya Reddy is also playing one of the other female leads.

Graphics work is on at Hyderabad, Mumbai and San Francisco, director Nirbhay said. No animals have been used in warfare.

Nirbhay said the film will have twists and turns in screenplay that will have surprise elements and an unpredictable narrative.

Dhananjaya said the film has 40 to 50 minutes of epic episode which is a fantasy. The movie moves back and forth and is a mixture of present and past. The film has been shot in Aihole, Badami and other historical locales besides Bengaluru. He said he had learnt horseriding, martial arts and had suffered an injury after he fell off a horse. He said he had to take rest for three months after the fall.

The film is being produced by Prakash and Indudhar. Indudhar said Red Dragon digital camera is being used with a 4k resolution.

Parul said she is playing a supermodel and added that a lot of time was being spent on graphics work which will be worth the effort. Kavya Shetty said she plays a glamourous and a flamboyant character in the movie which doesn’t appear in the historical portion but in the contemporary part.

DJ Chakravarthy is the dialogue writer.

Preeti S Kapoor, a Delhi-based costume designer has put together clothes for the movie and for the fashion show that was held on Monday night. The movie’s teaser was also launched on the occasion.

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