annada film ‘Vardhana’ will release in about 120 theatres all over Karnataka on February 17.  The film is produced by K Sudhakar and directed by S K Nagendra Urs. Harsha and Neha Patil are playing the lead roles. Petrol Prasanna and Chikkanna  are also in the cast. Mathews Manu has scored the music and Rakesh C Tilak is the cameraman. 

Director Nagendra Urs told reporters that Vardhana is not a remake and the story is his brainchild. He said the music director had met his imagination in giving good songs and in giving a good background score. He said Vardhana is an action comedy film and is happy that his dream has been realized on the screen. He said Yash began with Rocky and went on to become a big star while expressing the hope that Harsha will follow suit.

Harsha said Nagendra Urs had signed him after seeing him dance in the film Gajapade in a studio for which the director had come to dub. He said he has started his journey with Vardhana in which he has three shades to his role that have three different things to say. He said Petrol Prasanna will make people laugh and his combination with Chikkanna will also be liked. He said Neha Patil will come to the limelight after the release of this film.

Harsha said Vardhana is an action film with comedy and sentiment adding that it is a fun film.

Producer Sudhakar said all the actors in the movie and technicians had worked with a lot of involvement during the making of the film.

Cameraman Rakesh C Tilak said the film is colourful and comical. Music composer Mathews Manu said after scoring background music for 75 films he had scored the tunes for the first time.

Bala Rajawade said Vardhana is his fifth film and he comes from a theatre background. He said he plays a negative role in the film and has now finished 13 films within a short span of two years since debuting on the big screen.

ri Ramaprasad Guruji of Sri Sai Vrindavana Ashram released the audio of the upcoming Kannada film ‘Vardhana’ in the presence of ashram’s special children on Sunday afternoon. The film is produced by K Sudhakar and directed by S K Nagendra Urs. The film stars Harsha and Neha Patil in lead roles. Mathews Manu has scored the music and Rakesh C Tilak is the cameraman.

Director Nagendra Urs said it was decided to have the film’s audio released before the children of God and thanked the ashram authorities and Swamiji for the opportunity. He said Vardhana is a comeback film for Mathews Manu, son of Layendra Kokila who is brother of Sadhu Kokila.  He said Manu has used live instruments to which producer had given his full support.

The director said the audiences will know who is Vardhana in the second half although Harsha will be projected as Vardhana in the first half. The film has 70 percent humour and action and the remaining 30 percent is sentiment based. The hero has two shades to his role and the heroine has an equally important role. He said for the first time, the heroine has two imagination songs and added that he has choreographed two songs in the movie. He said the film is in post-production and that the team is eyeing a December release for the movie.

Music composer Manu said the final mixing is on and the film has four songs. The film has one pathos song and two romantic numbers. He said he has roped in national award winner singer Monali Thakur to sing a song for the movie. Manu said he will definitely come back and make more music henceforth.

Harsha said its an honour to be part of the audio release amidst children of special abilities. He said Vardhana will be liked by the children and that the film see the coming together of himself and Chikkanna.   

Producer Sudhakar also spoke. The film also stars Shobhraj, Petrol Prasanna and Padmaja Rao among others.

Neha Patil said the songs had been picturised colourfully and that she plays a talkative girl in the movie. 

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