he team of Vamshoddharaka is happy with the response that the movie has been getting at the box-office.

Executive producer Aravind thanked media for good reviews and told reporters that the film is doing well at all centres where the movie had released. He said he was tensed about the village story and whether it would find acceptance but the film has been accepted well backed by good performances by artistes and a good storyline.

Vijay Raghavendra credited the producer, director and technicians for the good showing of the movie at the box-office. He also thanked the media for all the encouraging reviews. “It has been a long time since I tasted success. It feels good,” he said.

Meghana Raj said she would like to dedicate the success of the film to the audiences. She said a village subject had been liked after a long time.

Music composer V Manohar said he was happy with the success of the movie after his last outing Kirataaka. He said competition is intense and success is a tonic which comes as a breath of fresh air. He said there was a fear that good films get lost in the rush of releases but Vamshoddharaka had lived up to its expectations.

Ashwini Gowda said she was offered this important role after she had been offered matured roles in television soaps.

Director Aditya Chikkanna said the film is a mixture of the hero taking the story along with him and vice-versa. His eyes welled up with the encouraging media reviews which compared this film to some great blockbusters made in the past.

Mysore Ramanand said he was glad to have got recognition for the small role that he did as he felt people in the industry and audiences had forgotten him.

Shankanaada Aravind said he was surprised that he was offered a serious role when he was confined to comedies. He recalled the film Shankanaada where he met Aravind who played the role of deputy commissioner while he played a daasa.

Bank Janardhan also spoke.

‘Vamshodharaaka’, a Kannada film starring Vijay Raghavendra and Meghana Raj in lead roles will release on November 6 in about 160 theatres across Karnataka.

Director Aditya Chikkanna said he was happy with the involvement of artistes especially his lead actors.

Vijay Raghavendra said the film is one of the closest to his heart in his professional career. He said has a big title, beautiful characters and a big star cast making a family entertainer. Raghavendra said the film also addressed farmers issue.

Meghana Raj said it is just not another film for her. She said director Chikkanna convinced her to take up the role and now she felt that the film has a sweet story with a message and a philosophy. The film is apt for today’s farmers problems, she said.

Music composer V Manohar also spoke. Prasanna who plays a baddie said he is seen in a negative shade in the film.

Executive producer Aravind said he was an artiste for 30 years and hoped that he would get encouragement as a producer. He said director Chikkanna supported him when he took up the production work. He said the film has been shot in a village near Pandavapura.

The film also stars Lakshmi, Rangayana Raghu, Srinivasa Murthy and Sadhu Kokila among others. Vamshodhaaraka is based on a story written by Kumar.

uneeth Rajkumar released Vamshoddharaka’s audio at a function in Bengaluru on Thursday evening. Speaking on the occasion, Puneeth said the title was good and wished the team good luck.

Director Aditya Chikkanna said story should be given importance in the movie and characters according to the story should be defined and therefore who fit the characters should be taken. He said all efforts were made to see that artistes who fit the characters are inducted.

Executive producer Aravind said he was happy that Puneeth came for the audio release. He thanked his brother’s cooperation in providing for the story and said his friends were also helpful in the film’s production. He said without compromising they had cast the best artistes for all the roles that suited them.

Aravind said when he approached Lakshmi she was reluctant initially but came on board even without hearing the story. He said after she heard the story she was even more happy to be part of the film.

Music composer V Manohar appreciated singer Chintan Vikas for rendering a song in 12 voices. He said K Kalyan’s song on farmer had been liked by former prime minister H D Deve Gowda. He said Vamshoddharaka has been shot well with good camerawork by P K H Das.

Ashwini Gowda said she was happy to have been given a prominent performance-oriented role in the movie and hoped that people will like her performance and appreciate it.

Meghana Raj who plays the female lead said the producer and director wanted her on board after seeing her performance in Raja Huli. She said the team liked her approach of tackling such village girl roles. She praised Vijay Raghavendra’s soft nature and added that he was talented  that she also learnt from him.

Vijay Raghavendra said he was happy to count Vamshoddharaka as one of his best films. He said it is a normal story that happens in our daily lives.

Srimurali, Chinne Gowda and Bhagawan also spoke on the occasion.

The film Vamshoddharaka has been given a U certificate by the censors. The trailer of the movie was released and a few songs were also shown. 

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