‘U The End A’, a Kannada movie and a psychological love story will release on February 19 in about 50 theatres across Karnataka. The movie is produced by Parvathy B Karnic and is directed by Nagendra who wishes to get himself called Nag. The film stars Nag, Kumuda, Yashaswini, Raju Talikote, Anant Nag and Sadhu Kokila among others. Arya Mourya Gowda is distributing the film. 

Nag told reporters that U The End A is a continuation of Upendra’s film A that got released in 1998. He said the narration of the movie is in reverse order. Nag said digital cinema has now given room for experimentation and the movie took six months to edit. 

He said it is man’s responsibility to protect the woman in society as far as her safety is concerned and the woman is supposed to be behind the man. The film deals with how a good woman takes a man to the top and the same time the vice-versa is also true, he said. 

Nag said the film is akin to a Bollywood or a Hollywood film.in terms of style and narration. 

Kumuda said she was doing the lead role for the first time after being seen in small roles in some movies. She said the film is a complete psychological story with romance, fights and thrills. She said it is a realistic story that required her to act real. Kumuda said her role has three shades without specifying the details. 

Yashaswini, who is a doctor in real life said she plays a doctor in the movie. She said she never knew that she could act and felt that she had done a good job. She said her role has two shades. 

The film has been shot in Bengaluru, Goa and Manali. Manushri has scored the music and Akshay is the editor.

he debut music of Manusri ‘U the End A’ audio was released in a crowded gathering. The same crowds bring at least 10 persons to the first show it would be a fantastic opening for the film.

The film by Nagendra with six songs with only one local singer audio was released jointly by KFCC President HD Gangaraj, Srinagara Kitty, Mahadev, Ba Ma Harish, Lahari Velu plus hero cum director Nagendra, actress Kumuda, cameraman Manohar Joshi and others on the dais.

Lahari Velu has made the right advice to Nagendra who came late being a host. Media has come to your work but you should not make them to wait said Velu. He also urged the KFCC president to look in to issue of radio channels not airing Kannada songs.

KFCC President HD Gangaraj urged Siddaramaiah, chief minister of Karnataka to get clearance for Anti Goonda Act bill that is lying at President of India office.

Actress Kumuda urged for bless and be with the team for the success. Music director Manusri explained the six songs in the album.

ollow the leader is the best policy. In tinsel town follow the success is the best policy. Off late following the success formula remaining different from others is application of mind of newcomers.

From the title there some novel thought from Nagendra who is Rohan as hero of the film. Nagendra is director and producer. Kumudha is the heroine of ‘You the end A’ Kannada cinema that met the media at GM Rejoice with very good preparation.

‘U the end A’ is a commercial, comedy, horror mixed sentiment laced film. The trailers and a few songs were screened at the theatre. The film is at shooting stage.

Actor cum director Rohan with Suni of ‘Simple Agi Ondh Love Story’ as co producer is expecting Upendra pattern of cinema. In 1999 when he saw ‘A’ he was stunned. The film lingers in the memory even today he says. U the end A has some Upendra following besides giving a neat package says Rohan. He has acted in a few films like ‘Hai’ and ‘Eshtu Nagthi Nagu’ in the past.

 This is the film that is launching ‘Charminar’ small actress Kumudha as the main heroine. She has four shades in this film.

Director cum producer Suni is just a joint producer of this film. He is confident of workaholic nature of Nagendra.

Ananthnag, Rangayana Raghu, Avinash, Raju Thalikote, Vijay Kumar, Deepti Mohan, Lokesh, Yashpal and others are in the cast. Manohar Joshi is cameraman and Manusri is music director cum lyricist.

‘You the end A’ is produced by Parvathi B Karanik and Suni.

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