annada film Urvi will release all over Karnataka on March 17. The film is produced by B R Bhat and directed by Pradeep Varma. The film stars Sruthi Hariharan, Shraddha Srinath, Shweta Pandit in lead roles.

Director Pradeep Varma told journalists that the film is about three prostitutes. Achyuth Kumar is playing a villain in this movie for the first time. The director said when the prostitutes wish to come into the mainstream society has to respect and treat them equally. Varma said people should also find out the reason why girls get into flesh trade or get pushed into this dark business and show sympathy towards them. He said film has a message for society that women should lead their lives without fear.  

Shweta Pandit said she plays a desi character. She said the film is based on a few real small incidents. She said women can lead their lives peacefully and can handle themselves well if they are courageous enough to themselves and to face the world.  

Vasuki Vybhav has also acted in the movie. Prabhu, Anand and Rajesh Brahmavar are debuting in this movie. Madhukar said he is paired with Shraddha Srinath’s character in the movie and plays a revolutionary leader who thinks why he shouldn’t love a prostitute.

he audio of upcoming Kannada film ‘Urvi’ was released on Friday evening at a function in Bengaluru. The film’s motion poster and teaser were also released. The film is produced by B R P Bhat and Bhadravathi Shivu is its executive producer. The film is directed by Pradeep Verma, who is son of artist B K S Verma. The film stars Sruthi Hariharan, Shweta Pandit, Shraddha Srinath, Achyuth Kumar, Bhavani Prakash, Ananya and Jahnavi among others. 
Anand is the cameraman and Manoj George is the music composer.

Executive Producer Shivu said the film has been shot in Bengaluru in a haunted bungalow and other picturesque locales of Mangaluru and Chikkamagaluru. The film has some high voltage performances from the artistes and Manoj George has composed four tunes for the movie.

Director Verma said the film is about the problems faced by three women. Shweta Pandit said she was stunned by the script and thanked the producer for supporting such a subject which is strong. She said the narration given to her by director Verma changed her life and added that she wanted to be a part of the film.

Shraddha Srinath said she plays a small town girl who comes to a place that she doesn’t like. She said she feels stronger after doing the film as she plays an optimistic and a positive girl in the film who gets to live a fairy tale life.

Sruthi Hariharan said women face more difficulties than men and people in families want women to be safe but don’t want them to be tied. Urvi is about the combination in women seen in three avatars – Shakti, Yukti and Bhakti which could be equated to Lakshmi, Saraswathi and Parvathi. She said women feel uncomfortable when they are stared at or when they are not given enough respect. She said the director has researched on the subject and is inspired by women in his life.

Bhavani said she plays a vamp in the film. She said being a theatre person she was shocked by her performance as she got too involved in the character. She said she also insisted that a few scenes be cut for the same reason. She said the team worked as one family and the film is out to show that a woman symbolizes strength.

Music composer Hamsalekha said he is seeing changes in Kannada cinema as was evident in the themes that are being taken up. He said the film looks like a modern take on tradition and values. He praised Manoj George who worked as a violinist with him and is surprised that he has turned a composer.

Director Nagabharana said he is seeing a new phase in Kannada cinema which is building from the strengths of the past.

Artist B K S Verma who also demonstrated his art said he wanted his son to be an artist like him but his son took to another form of art.

Lucky Ali said he saw depth in the movie poster and in the people associated with the movie. Ricky Kej said he had worked with Manoj George from whom he had learnt a lot.

Music composer Manoj George said he was working with Lucky Ali and had travelled with him. He said he had learnt the technology aspect of music from Ricky Kej. He thanked the director Verma for giving him freedom to compose a pathos song with just one violin which has been sung by Chitra.

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