he audio of the film Uppina Kaagada and its trailer were released at a function in Bengaluru on Tuesday. The film is produced by Shylaja Nag and B Suresha. The film is directed by B Suresha. The movie stars T S Nagabharana, Mandya Ramesh, Apoorva Bharadwaj and Murali Sringeri. V Harikrishna has scored the music and Advaita Gurumurthy is the cameraman. Prakash Karinja is the editor.

Producer Shylaja Nag told reporters that the film brought smiles on her face after seeing it after a long gap following demonetization. Music composer V Harikrishna had been different in giving music away from the commercial format. Nagabharana and Mandya Ramesh have acted well and Apoorva put up a subtle performance.

The film has been selected for the Bangalore International Film Festival in the competitive section to be held from February 2 to 9. The producer said the film completed its shoot amidst the rain.

Nagabharana said he had to prepare a lot for the role that was given to him as it required him to experience what he was doing. He said he grew his hair for six months and had to cut it short on the director’s insistence. He said he had been given just two sets of costumes to wear. Director Suresha he said told him that he didn’t look his age for the role and so the preparation became a lot more intense.

Nagabharana said he had his fears and so he didn’t want to see myself after the shot on the monitor. He wanted it to be the director’s character and added that he hasn’t the film as yet. He said the role made him introspect about himself.

Apoorva said she was lucky to be offered such a role so early in her career and with the likes of B Suresha and Nagabharana. She said the director worked hard in drawing a good performance from her as she was told not to express herself too much. She said the director instead wanted a subtle performance from her.

Music composer V Harikrishna said he had been on the keyboard for Aswath and others and so he felt at home while scoring music for the film. He said on the other hand cinema music was new to him. He said when he had finished tuning musicians asked him who was the music composer for the tunes that he had scored. He said he had attempted something new for the movie.

B Suresha said he had heard an Afghanistan story which haunted him for many years. He said he found it difficult to find locations for the movie and so he tailored the script to suit the location. He said preparation for the film included rehearsals which made it easier for all.

The director said he felt personally that he had never made a film that has so much of silence. He said theatre artistes were easier to work with due to communication and trust besides the understanding of their roles. He said he saw Apoorva in a video shoot and called her for an audition. He said Advaita had done good camera work with less material available. He praised Murali Sringeri as he was a multi-talented artiste who could play musical instruments and also paint besides doing sculpture.

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