annada film U-Turn has netted Rs 4.5 crore at the box-office during its three weekend run. This was disclosed by the film’s distributor Jack Manju at a press meet in Bengaluru. The movie is directed by Pavan Kumar of Lucia fame.

He said the film which is running mostly in multiplexes collected Rs 2.03 crore during the first week out of which Rs 1 crore came from multiplexes. He said the film is running in 18 to 20 theatres outside Karnataka and has collected about Rs 13 lakh to Rs 15 lakh from them so far.

Earlier, director Pavan Kumar said the film has established a good reach and impact. He said several attempts have been made in the recent past to fix the road divider at the Richmond Circle flyover due to public outcry especially after the film got released. He said the team did fix the divider on Sunday in a matter of two hours with the help of contractors.

Pavan Kumar said Shraddha Srinath’s character was initially meant to be done by a male actor but the team decided to cast a female actor.

Roger who has acted in the movie as a strict sub-inspector said the film has been receiving a lot of positive feedback in the social media and a number of non-Kannadigas were watching the movie out of curiosity.

Yogaraj Bhat appreciated Pavan’s efforts to get everything right for the movie.

Later, Sid and Aditya were awarded the best singers for singing the theme rap song of U-Turn in Kannada in a contest that was conducted in the social media. 

Shraddha Srinath and Dilip Raj were also present at the press meet. 

-Turn, a murder mystery directed by Pavan Kumar will release on May 20 in 35 single screen theatres and multiplexes all over Karnataka. The film stars Dilip Raj, Shraddha Srinath and Radhika Chetan among others.

Director Pavan Kumar of Lucia fame told reporters that the film ran to packed houses for two shows at the New York film festival where 80 percent of the viewers were Kannadigas. The film also won the best screenplay award at the festival, he said. Pavan said people who saw U-Turn saw it not because it was made by Lucia director but they saw it to enjoy another new movie.

He said 80 percent of the film’s shoot happened on the road and a studio set was erected for a scene.

Shraddha Srinath said she went to New York festival and was overwhelmed by the response. She said U-Turn is her first movie and people recognized her in New York. Audiences also took selfies and pictures with her after the screening, she said.

Radhika Chetan said her dream to work with Pavan after seeing the film Lucia has been realized and fulfilled as she felt the desire to work with him after watching Lucia.

Music composer Poornachandra Tejaswi said U-Turn is a new genre and it was challenging for him to give the background music as the movie doesn’t have a single song or fights. He said the cinema is a delight to watch.

Dilip Raj said the film is a U-Turn in his cinematic career and his life as an actor.

Distributor Jack Manju said the film will release in Bhumika and a number of multiplexes. A number of single screen theatres have come forward to screen the movie on demand.

avan Kumar of Lucia fame has completed shoot of his film U-Turn which is another crowd funded kind of movie. U-Turn is a mystery thriller without songs. The film stars Radhika Chetan, Shraddha Srinath and Dilip Raj among others. The movie’s trailer was also shown to journalists that has already gone viral on the net.

Pavan Kumar told journalists on Tuesday that U-Turn is about the accidents that might happen when people take a u-turn in traffic. Without being a documentary, the film has been narrated in an entertaining manner, he said and added that the film has a message for road users to be careful while taking u-turns.

Pavan said Poornachandra Tejaswi had done the background music. U-Turn is a woman-oriented film and that is the reason the trailer has been shown on International Women’s Day. He said the film is going for censors next week and is likely to be released in April.

The director said a new production company Pavan Kumar Production House has been floated with 65 shareholders in it for the movie.

Shraddha Srinath, a former advocate, has acted in the movie for the first time and has even dubbed for herself.

Radhika Chetan o Rangitaranga fame said more and more women-oriented films should be made without disclosing her role in the movie U-Turn.

Dilip Raj said he had done a role in a film after a gap of two years. He said he wanted to work with Lucia Pavan and that dream had been fulfilled.

Badal has worked as the art director. Satya Hegde and Advaita Gurumurthy have worked as cinematographers.

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