ippajji Circle, a film based on B L Venu’s real story on the devadasi system starring Pooja Gandhi in the lead will release in about 70-80 theatres across Karnataka on October 30. The film is directed by Aditya Chikkanna and produced by G Siddaramaiah and S K Vinod Krishna.

Director Chikkanna said the film is based on a real incident that happened in Chitradurga. He said the film goes back to the 1970s narrative style which was one of the golden phases of Kannada cinema.

Srinivasa Murthy and Umesh also spoke on the occasion. Pooja Gandhi could not make it as she is under house arrest in the Bigg Boss reality show that has just started.

Bharanashri said he has composed six songs in the movie out of which he has written two and sung one song as well.

Neha Patil who plays Pooja Gandhi’s daughter in the film said she plays a traditional character that is both bold and innocent. She said it was a good learning experience to be working with director Chikkanna who was observant of each and every expression.

Dr Suresh Sharma who plays an important role also spoke.

t a crowded gathering in the cellar hall of Citadel Hotel in Bangalore ‘Thippajji Circle’ audio songs were released by KFCC President HD Gangaraju and KMF MD Premnath.

‘Thippajji Circle’ producer Siddaramaiah, Vinod Krishna, music director Bharanisri, Dr Suresh Sharma, Dhruva Sharma, BL Venu, director Chikkanna, Pooja Gandhi, Neha Patil, Lahari Velu, Umesh Banakar were on the dais when the audio was released on Monday evening.

‘Thippajji Circle’ story was written by well known novelist BL Venu in 2011 in prestigious daily Kannada Prabha. That has attracted director Chikkanna to take up as a subject for the film. BL Venu recalling his association with the film industry and particularly to ‘Thippajji Circle’ said how Thippajji sacrifice her life for two daughters is the crux of the film. BL Venu urged the media that give good reports to remake films to consider this film for a favorable report. The parallel role to Pooja Gandhi is Srinivasamurthy role mentioned BL Venu.

The good feeling of a woman attributed as ‘Devadasi’ is what we have looked at says director Chikkanna. Pooja Gandhi new strength opens up from this film. Hennu Maaye Alla Thaayi is what the film slogan appears in the end adds Chikkanna.

Dr Suresh Sharma translated what his son Dhruva had told in sign language. My son has matched lip moment so well said proud father Sharma. On his observation in making of the film Dr Sharma said what BL Venu had written has come out well in Chikkanna direction. This is the first film to give wife status to Devadasi said Sharma.

Pooja Gandhi in her address stated that this is the first film she touched the feet of the director in her career. This film role has depth. I have 25, 55 and 85 years of roles to perform stated Pooja Gandhi.

KFCC President HD Gangaraju felt today’s music is like ‘Fits’. This film has melodious music he said and replied to the inquiry of Lahari Velu on non availability of members at regional censor board.

Lahari Velu in his address said ‘Dhruva’ is ‘Dhruva Thaare’. Very rarely seen in film functions Premnath KMF MD said the money for Kannada cinema that comes from farmers is given by KMF. Rs.14 crores is given to milk providing farmers by KMF he stated.

s it possible for 69 years (he is 55 years in the film ‘Thippajji Circle’) Dr Suresh Sharma to lift the dancer from Ukraine now settled in Mumbai Anna alias Lucia? It was an easy task for Suresh Sharma as everyone was dumbstruck.

Why such a romantic scene for ‘Thippaji Circle’. The inmates of affluent personality Davanagere Sahukar especially workers dream of the ‘Boss’ style and grandeur and thus the song of ‘Rathi Manmatha’ comes up.

Anna alias Lucia hailing from Ukrain is the ‘Rathi’ for this song. She is settled down in Mumbai for career progress. Graduated in International Relations, Anna is fond of dancing from young age. It is dancing, dancing and dancing in life she says. Belly dance, western dance, Bollywood dance are her favorites. According to sources she is paid nearly 4 to 5 lakhs as remuneration for this glamorous song.

Ukraine mod girl Anna is traced by choreographer Tribhuvan after going through various photographs. For the Goturi written song Tribhuvan is the choreographer.  

Bharanisri Kasargod has scored music for four songs. This ‘Rathi Manmatha’ song is sung by Hemanth Kumar.

Dr Suresh Sharma preferred to speak less. I have done what is told by director Chikka he says. Choreographer Tribhuvan is a man with lot of patience. He has taken work from me shows his high caliber of patience he pointed.

According to Chikkanna this is the last song shoot for ‘Thippaji Circle’. There is sex related portions for Thippajji. After 50 the character in the film comes for pure love and that is lent by Thippajji he says.

After reading an article in prestigious daily Kannada Prabha director Chikkanna further developed the script and took lot of initiative to make the film that was supported well by producer Siddaram.

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