inay Rajkumar released the audio CD of Kannada film Thunda Haikla Savasa, a film made by B M Giriraj at a function in Bengaluru. The music for the film is composed by Ashley who could not make it to the function.  

Vinay said he was close to the film’s entire team and said they had helped him train as an actor before wishing the team good luck.

Producer N S Rajkumar said he hoped that he will score a hattrick under Giriraj’s direction in his next film after the success of Jatta and Mythri.

Lovely Star Prem said director Giriraj has the ability to make different kind of films and also said he was happy to see Kishore who was dhoti clad for the function in Rajinikanth’s film trailer Kabali. 

Lyricist V Nagendra Prasad said he was taken aback by the title of Giriraj’s film initially but then after listening to the situation he said he was convinced about the director’s ability. He said Thunda Haikla Savasa is a film made by technicians.

Lahari Velu said it is important to safeguard producers’ interests if the industry has to survive.

Kishore who spoke very briefly said he was keen that Giriraj succeeds as a director with this film. He said he intended to settle down in his village.
Director Jaithirtha, a friend of Giriraj praised his friend for the knowledge. He said one episode for his movie Olave Mandara happened due to Giriraj’s knowledge and information.

Actress Vaishali Deepak, singer Chaitra and producer T P Siddaraju and his wife Ambujakshi were also present.

Thunda Haikla Savasa is produced by Shyam, Rudresh and Shankar. Two songs of the movie along with the trailer were also shown.

hundhaikla Savaasa has completed shoot and is in post-production stage. The film is eyeing a January or February release. The film is directed by B M Giriraj and produced by Shyam Jagali and Shankar and Rajesh. The film stars Kishore, Abhay Surya, Giri, Shankar, Kiran Nayak, Vaishali Deepak and Vidarsha.

Producer Shyam said after seeing Jatta and Advaita they wanted to do a film with Giriraj as director and another producer Shankar said he desired to make a film.

Giriraj told reporters that he wanted to work with Kishore once again after Jatta. Thundhaikla Savaasa is a comedy film that represents today’s generation. He said he has moved away from his style of films but added that the film will have the same soul and thoughtful ideas that he is fond of showing on the screen.

Giriraj said the film deals with contemporary issues and said it is a kind of friends reunion for himself. The film has been shot in Chitradurga and Bhatkal, he said. Shakeela is playing a negative role. He said Sadhu Kokila is playing a special character which is in departure to his regular mannerisms.

Abhay Surya who has worked as a television anchor said he has a big role in the movie. Vaishali Deepak said she couldn’t stop laughing while reading the script and added that she plays a village girl who is strong and one who has an identity of her own. She said the film is a situational comedy but her role is that of an activist.

Music composer Ashley said there are four songs in the movie which includes a duet, folk-based one and a party song. Incidentally, director Giriraj has himself sung the comedy song, he said.

Kishore who walked in last said his role is a continuation of what he had done in the popular format. He plays a farmer in the movie and is an extension of his real self. He said he had to be stern in his movie throughout the movie which was challenging.

Kiran Hampapura is the cameraman.

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