annada film ‘The Plan’ made under the jailbreak genre will release in 80 theatres across Karnataka on November 27. The film stars Anant Nag, Kaustabh Jayakumar, Hemanth, Sriram, Jagadish and Sanath among others. The Plan is directed by Keerthu who had worked as cinematographer in the sleeper hit movie 6-5=2. The film is produced by Ashok Shetty and Sunil Shetty.

Director Keerthi told reporters that The Plan is not a sequel to Minchina Ota, a film that was made under the jailbreak genre. He said his movie has nothing to do with Minchina Ota and people shouldn’t compare the two movies. He said the film got delayed as the team couldn’t get permission to shoot in the prison. He said it was difficult to erect a set as well. The film was shot in Madikeri jail for 25 days after permission was given to shoot there. He said Anant Nag motivated the whole team to work to the plan. The director did not disclose details about the movie fearing that he would reveal the plot.

Keerthi said he first narrated the story to Gayathri who asked the team who would produce the movie. The director said madam told him to come prepared with the script.

Anant Nag said it is a film against the establishment. He said there are problems in society which need to be addressed but if there is a delay in solving it may lead to distrust. He clarified that The Plan had nothing to do with his brother Shankar Nag’s Minchina Ota although both are of the same genre.

Mahaveer has worked as sync sound engineer and Surendra Sodhi has scored the background music.

he Plan, a new Kannada film made under the jailbreak genre has completed its shoot with Anant Nag playing the lead in the film. The movie’s poster and the motion poster were released by Anant Nag and Hindi director Sriram Raghavan at a function on Saturday.

Sriram Raghavan who has directed Johnny Gadar, Agent Vinod and the recently released successful film Badlapur said he loved the poster of the Kannada film The Plan and that he was happy to meet Anant Nag.

'The Plan' has been directed by newbie Keerthi, an electrical engineer-turned cameraman and now film-maker.

Keerthi, who had also worked as cinematographer in the film 6-5=2, a sleeper hit told journalists on Saturday that he had Anant Nag in mind when he was scripting for the movie. However, the director could not disclose much about the film fearing that he would reveal the plot and all that needs to be kept under wraps.

Anant Nag who ran to the director’s rescue said he was surprised on seeing the script and that it was done by a young boy. “I expressed my doubt about how the movie could be produced. After a few weeks, Keerthi brought Ashok Shetty and Sunil Shetty to me after they had expressed their desire to make the film,” he said.

Anant Nag said ‘The Plan’ is a mysterious film and one that is relevant socially and politically. He said the subject has a contemporary touch that will appeal to the middle-classes. He also clarified that it is difficult to decipher the genre as it would amount to giving away the story.

Keerthi said the film has completed 25 days of shoot in Madikeri jail, 10 days in Bengaluru and a montage song was also shot. He said the film was delayed at the production stage as they could not get the clearance for shooting at the Madikeri jail.

The young director said following the delay in starting the shoot a workshop was held for the actors to prepare them for their roles. The film has Kaustabh Jayakumar, Hemanth, Sriram, Jagadish and Sanath playing the protagonists. 

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