annada horror film ‘Tha’, produced by Munirathnam P and directed by Giridhar will release in about 40 to 50 theatres all over Karnataka on March 4. The film is being distributed by Arya Mourya Gowda. Ammu Prasad has written the screenplay and dialogues while Giridhar has written the story and screenplay besides directing the film. The movie stars Vinod, Krishna, Balu Prasad and Bindu in key roles.

Vinod told journalists that they wanted to make a short film but their interest grew to make a horror film. He said they wanted to create curiosity by having three characters and introducing a horror element.

Vinod, who is a telecom engineering graduate said the characters are deaf, dumb and blind. He said the film will be a horror comedy entertainer. He said there are six songs and the team has organized free shows for women on March 4 and on women’s day on March 8 at Bhumika theatre in Bengaluru.

Vinod who is son of producer Munirathnam said how a thought of suspicion and doubt changes people’s minds forms an interesting part of the story.

Krishna who plays the deaf guy said the story is the hero. Balu Prasad who plays a blind guy said he was inspired by Namma Preethiya Ramu and added that it was a challenging role.

Producer Munirathnam said his decade-old dream of producing a Kannada film had fructified.

Bindu said her role in the movie is beautiful with a message. She said she plays a newly wedded woman who gets trapped.

Director Giridhar could not attend the meet as he is away directing a Telugu film.

‘THA’, a comic horror film made at a modest budget of Rs 40 lakh has completed its shoot and is now getting ready for a release. The film is produced by Munirathna whose son Vinod has played a lead role in it. THA is directed by debutant Giridhar who hails from Andhra Pradesh.

Giridhar told journalists on Friday that the film is about three boys. One of them is blind and the other two are deaf and dumb respectively. They live in a room together before a devil strikes them. How the three come out of trouble forms the rest of the story. The film which is two hours of duration stars Bhanu, Deepak and Krishna as the three guys. Bindu and Roja play the female protagonists.

Bindu said she plays a good character in the movie and promised that she will learn Kannada and address the media in Kannada next time. Roja plays the devil in the movie.

Murali Leon has scored the music for five songs in the movie. Anand of Lahari Audio released the CD of the movie. 

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