annada suspense thriller Sa will take an exclusive multiplex route for its release on August 26. The film will release in just six multiplex screens as an experiment which includes four such screens in Bengaluru and one each in Mysuru and Mangaluru. The film is directed by Hemanth Hegde and produced by Uday Shetty. The movie stars Vijay Surya, JK and Samyukta Hornad among others.

Director Hemanth Hegde told reporters that the team is following a Hollywood model on an experimental basis and will release the film in theatres based on the response. He said the aim of this exercise is to reach out to ‘A’ class audiences first and then reach out to others. He said the team had already screened the movie to 50 people from all walks of life without disclosing the title or details about the movie. The director said the response had been good to this experiment already. He said people should like the film first.

JK said he was shocked to hear about the experiment related to the multiplex route to release the movie. But, he said he is convinced now that it is a novel approach of release.

Vijay Surya said the film does not boast of a big star cast and the team is not financially strong to withstand a big release.

ower Star Puneeth Rajkumar released the audio of Kannada suspense thriller ‘SA’ at a function in Town Hall on Saturday evening. The film is directed by Hemanth Hegde and produced by Uday Shetty. The film stars Vijay Surya, JK and Samyukta Hornad. 

Director Hegde told reporters before the audio release that Sa is a different kind of suspense thriller with a different twist given to the story. The film has been shot in virgin locales and he said for the first time a Portuguese singer has sung a Kannada song for his movie. He said the film will release in August end or September first week. 

JK said the film has a lot of characters and Suresh’s cinematography is wonderful. He said all the actors had performed well in the movie without specifying details about his role. 

Vijay Surya said after Agni Sakshi and Ishtakaamiya he has taken a risk by taking up an experimental role in the film Sa. However, he said new attempts need to be made and added that it is up to the audiences to give their feedback. 

Producer Uday Shetty said he had invested in the movie without listening to the story. However, he said the film had been made well. He said it would be the first time any producer has invested money without listening to the script. Shetty said he believed in director Hemanth Hegde’s capability and abilities as a film-maker. 

Samyukta Hornad said audiences will get scared watching the movie and added that she enjoyed working in it.

‘Sa’, a Kannada crime thriller, has completed its shoot and is all set to go to the censors for certification in a week. The film’s audio will be released in June and the movie is likely to hit the screen in July. This was disclosed by the film’s director Hemanth Hegde and producer Uday Shetty at a press briefing on the film’s progress.

Hemanth Hegde also announced that the team of Sa has organized a dubsmash contest to upload videos and the best entry will get a cash prize of Rs 25,000. Second and third best entries will also get cash awards, he said.

The director said six actors – Sharan, Nirup Bhandary, Gurunandan, Ajay Rao, JK, Vijay Surya and himself will record a few lines of the song using the dubsmash app and upload it which will give the film’s music a platform to become popular before the audio is released.

Hemanth Hegde said movies made by independent directors were doing well which augurs well for the industry. He said films like Ishtakaamya and U-Turn were being watched by people which is good for the industry.

The film’s heroine Anuradha Mukherjee said Sa is her first south Indian movie and she is paired opposite Hemanth Hegde in the movie. She said she is learning the language and that she plays an upmarket fashionable girl with a little bit of negative shade. 

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