he audio of the Kannada film Swachcha Bharatha, a social film that is based on the Clean India campaign launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi was launched at a multiplex during the interval of the film’s screening. The film is produced by former KFCC president B Vijayakumar and directed by B R Keshav for whom this is the 50th directorial film. The film stars Shivaram, Sundar Raj, Umesh and Ramesh Bhat among a host of others.

KFCC president Sa Ra Govindu said the film should be an eye-opener for the entire country. Former president of KFCC Gangaraju said B Vijayakumar should be commended for making a film based on the Clean India campaign. He said Vijayakumar had gone ahead and registered the title for a film.

K V Chandrashekar praised veteran artiste Shivaram’s performance in the film. He said the film has a meaning about cleanliness in the form of good performances from artistes. Veteran distributor K V Gupta said everyone should inculcate a sense of cleanliness.

Veteran actor Shivaram said it is gratifying that producer like Vijayakumar had come forward to make a message oriented film that also preaches cleanliness in today’s era. He urged all of them to watch the film and expected the government to support such initiatives in terms of allowing screening such movies.

Tamil actor Chinni Jayanth said he was watching a Kannada film in Bengaluru for the first time. He said the film is apt for Bengaluru for its pollution and booming populace. He said people should be shown such films. He also said he will apprise Rajinikanth about the movie and get him to watch it. Chinni Jayanth said he was a fan of Dr Rajkumar and had watched his films. He equated Shivaram’s performance to that of Sivaji Ganeshan and said such films should be dubbed into all languages.

rime Minister Narendra Modi has initiated ‘Clean India; Green India’ with Mahatma Gandhi’s ‘Swaccha Bharath’ concept. To create awareness among common people about this ambitious goal, there is a movie with the title of ‘Swaccha Bharatha’ itself has gone on floors on Monday (February 23).

B.R.Keshava’s 50th directorial movie, Former KFCC President B.Vijaykumar produced ‘Swaccha Bharatha’s muhoortha took place in Sai Maindir near Hulimavu yesterday.

Addressing the media, B.R.Keshava, director of the movie said, ‘to create awareness about environment and cleanliness among common people, ‘Swaccha Bharatha’ movie has been launched. The movie has also got the message of unity in diversity.’

‘The movie would be shot in Bengaluru and Kashi. There will be three phase of shooting in which first schedule shall start from next week. The second schedule will commence from March 2. Later the third and final schedule will commence in Kashi. We are planning to produce the movie in Kannada, Hindi, Telugu and Tamil language’ he added.

‘The story is very inspiring and energetic. The movie is of two hours duration which has got the message of clean India. Earlier to this movie, I was supposed to produce a movie on ‘Sai Baba’ with Late Dr. Vishnuvardhan. But, he passed away unexpectedly. Later on we decided to do the muhoortha of ‘Swaccha Bharatha’ in his memory in front of Lord Sai Baba’ Producer B.Vijayakumar said.

‘After a long gap of 10 years, I’m producing ‘Swaccha Bharatha’ movie. After the completion of this movie, veteran director Sai Prakash’s 100th movie is going to be launched’ he clarified.

Saying B.Vijayakumar is good friend of mine, veteran actor Ramesh Bhat said, ‘I am playing a role in the movie because of my affection towards B.Vijayakumar.’

Another veteran actor Sundar Raj certified B.Vijaykumar as ‘Strong Producer’.

‘Till now I have acted in 3-4 movies of director B.R.Keshav. While acting in his movies, I had never asked both role and remuneration’ veteran actor M.S.Umesh said.

Umesh Banakar who is playing a non residential Indian character said, ‘the movie has got social and environmental oriented message.’

Actor ‘Kaddipudi’ Chandru, actress Shivani too spoke.
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