upari Surya, a film produced by Chamundi Chandru and directed by Raghu Raj will release on March 4 all over Karnataka. The film stars debutant Virat, Madhuurima, Sharath Lohitaswa, Sadhu Kokila and Kuri Sunil among others. Sridhar Sambram has composed the music and Nanda Kumar is the cameraman.

Producer Chandru said he was excited about the film’s release and that the film’s budget was estimated at Rs 2.75 crore and another Rs 50 lakh will be spent before release.

Director Raghu Raj praised and thanked producer Chandru for the support during the making of the film. He said the producer was so understanding with the requirements of the team. He said debutant hero Virat worked hard as he trained before the film got into production mode for three months. Kuri Sunil had acted like Nari in the film, he said.

The highlight of the movie is the fight, special screenplay and art work. Raghu Raj said the film ran into trouble with the censors as the team had to wait for more than two months for the certification. The censors asked for four or five cuts of dialogues which were not so objectionable. He appealed to the censors not to trouble the producer and director.

 Virat said he underwent training and workshops before the production began and that helped him immensely.

Sharath Lohitaswa said he had worn an additional lens that was difficult to wear. He said the director gave him a challenging role that was different from the usual. He said he sported different looks, wigs and moustaches and added that he took part in rehearsals for the first time in his career.

he music album of Supari Surya was released on Thursday night at a function in Bengaluru.

Speaking on the occasion, Member of Parliament P C Mohan said he had never watched movies. He said he came for the audio release because producer Chamundi Chandru is his friend. Mohan said Chandru is a good businessman but was surprised that he was producing a movie.

Producer Sa Ra Govindu said he was kept in the dark by producer Chandru about his film production even though he was Chandru’s tenant. He said he believed that he would help Chandru had he mentioned about his film production. Govindu expressed surprise and wondered if Supari Surya was his first production as he had handled the activities professionally.

Govindu wished the hero good luck and said the debutant never looked like a newcomer. Govindu lambasted the industry people who were supporting dubbing. He said the move will destroy the language and said some people were out to make Kannada cinema a graveyard. He said he will move the Supreme Court questioning the CCI’s decision to allow dubbing of other language films and serials into Kannada.

Velu of Lahari Music said the interests of Kannada film industry must be protected at all costs.

Music composer Sridhar Sambram said Supari Surya is a mass-oriented subject and he thought that he had given music for such a film.

Virat thanked all the people associated with the debut film. Madhuurima said Supari Surya was an amazing journey in an alien language while thanking all producer, director and music composer.

Director Raghuraj said Supari Surya, a mass entertainer was a new attempt and expressed confidence that the film will be a hit. He thanked his CG engineer, editor and his assistant for being with him throughout. He said for the first time he had cut a trailer that was in reverse theory.

upari Surya, a new Kannada film directed by R Raghuraj starring debutant Viraat and Madhurima Banerjee has completed its shoot.

The posters of the film were unveiled by Ragini Dwivedi at a function on Saturday night in Bengaluru. The film is produced by Chamundi Chandru.

Speaking at the function producer Chandru said he was waiting to make a film for a long time. He said he knew a lot of well-known people in the industry but never told them about his movie or about his plans to produce a movie. He said now these people will come to know through the media.

Thriller Manju said he was scared when he heard that he had to compose fights for a newcomer. But, he said he had got the same level of satisfaction with this movie as much as he he had earned after composing fights for Shh. He said Viraat reminded him of Kumar Govind in Shh. He said there are five fight sequences in the movie.

Cinematographer Nanda Kumar said the film worked to a plan with a 40-day workshop of the 75-day schedule that was completed. All the details were worked out in carrying out the 35-day shoot smoothly.

Viraat said he plays the title role and that of a contract killer who is hired by the villain. He said he wanted to be an actor from a long time. He said there are family emotions in the movie as well.

Manjunath Gowda said he is playing the villain as Sharath Lohitaswa’s brother who clashes with the hero.

Director Raghuraj said Supari Surya is his fifth film in Kannada and announced that he has made the film in a new genre that could be called artistic crime story. He said the hero’s criminal activities runs parallel to art activities. He said the film is a message oriented family film.

Raghuraj said he chose a new hero because of the subject as he didn’t want an actor who had an image which could have carried away the importance of the subject.

Raksha Nikki plays a deaf and dumb girl in the film who is the sister of the hero in the movie.

The film has been shot in Bengaluru, Chikkamagaluru and Madikeri.  

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