annada film Subba Subbi was launched on Friday morning at the Kanteerava Studio in Bengaluru. The film is produced by V Shekar who earlier made Mast Mohabbat and is directed by debutant Charan Raj. The film stars Anoop Sa Ra Govindu and Ranjini Raghavan in lead roles.

Sa Ra Govindu who came to wish the team and bless his son adviced his son that Subba Subbi should not be just another film but it should stand out as one of the best. He said producers need to be encouraged and protected for the industry to survive as he is the real captain of the ship. He said he has told his son to remember Rajkumar while acting.

Director Charan Raj said Subba Subbi is an energetic title and full of life. He said it is a different love story which will be shot in Bengaluru while the songs will be shot in Madikeri, Chikkamagaluru and Sakleshpura over a 45-day shooting schedule. The director said the hero and heroine together make up 90 percent of the film’s screen time.

The director said the hero and heroine keep lying to each other and their lies come to such a pass that it affects their lives. Where does the lying end and does the couple get married at all forms the interesting part of the story, director Raj said.

Producer V Shekar said Subba Subbi is his second film and added that the quality and content will be better than his first film. He said he will not repeat the mistakes of his earlier film.

Anoop Govindu said his role has two shades and like the title it has some naughtiness as well. Ranjini Raghavan of Putta Gowri Maduve fame said she loved the story and her role in Subba Subbi which is her second film.

Bullet Prakash said he hadn’t heard the story but agreed to do it for Sa Ra Govindu who had saved him from going to jail in 1998. He said he was paying back that gratitude by acting in Govindu son’s film.

The motion poster of the movie was also released.

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