‘Style Raja’ will release in about 150 theatres all over Karnataka on Feb.3. The film is being distributed by Horizon Films. The film stars Chikkanna, Girish and Ranusha among others. The film is produced by Suresh and directed by Harish.

Producer Suresh told journalists that the film has mother sentiment, love and action. He said Rajesh Ramanath has scored good music with Chikkanna who plays the hero’s friend in the movie also singing a song for the movie. Jedarahalli Krishnappa has also sung a song. The film has been made on a budget of Rs 1.5 crore, he said.

Girish said Style Raja is a good movie to watch with rich camera work and melodious music. He said the film is about the guy played by him who comes to the city from his village. There is sentiment and sentiment in the film and has combined with Chikkanna to make it a good entertainer, he said.

Ranusha said its her first film and added that Style Raja has comedy, love and sentiment.

Director Harish said Style Raja is a complete entertainer. The hero comes to Bengaluru to become the Style Raja and falls in love with a girl. He loses money and whether he returns to his village or not is what the story is all about, the director said.

The film has six songs and Loki has penned the lyrics. Kambiraj is the choreographer.

ullet Prakash released the audio of the film Style Raja at a function in Bengaluru on Tuesday evening. The film is directed by Harish and produced by Ramesh R. The film stars Girish and Ranusha in lead roles. M B Allikatti is the cameraman. Rajesh Ramanath has scored the music.

Director Harish said the film has four songs to which music is composed by Rajesh Ramanath.

Girish said he liked the story so much that he expressed his desire to act in the movie as its hero. He said the producer also liked the story and added that he (Girish) got selected to act in the movie. His eyes welled up with tears as he said that he was an auto driver who became a hero because of the producer and director.

Rajesh Ramanath said the film has been made for the sake of friendship. He said music should reach the people. The film has four songs. Rajesh Ramanath said he had sung the title song. Naveen Sajju has sung one number while Chikkanna and Krishnamurthy have sung a song each.

Producer Ramesh said the film has been made at a budget of Rs 1.3 crore.

The film is being distributed by Horizon Studio.

hree friends have come together to make the movie 'Style Raja'.While one of them is hero Girish, the other one is director Harish and the third one is producer Ramesh. The film also stars Chikkanna,Girija Lokesh and Ranusha in the female lead. 

Director Harish told reporters that the shoot for the film is complete and the movie has a song that has been picturised in an island in Bengaluru. He said the film is about the male protagonist who comes to the city from a village with his mother’s money. He pursues a girl madly and squanders all the money. Whether he goes back to his mother or pursues his girl forms the interesting part of the climax, he said. 

Chikkanna plays a key role in the film. He said he plays the role of a guy who misguides the hero who comes to the city. He said he has also sung a song in the movie. 

Producer Ramesh said he made the film for the sake of the friendship. Girish who is playing the lead said people have told him that he resembles Yash looks-wise. 

Heroine Ranusha could not make it to the meet. 

Music composer Rajesh Ramanath and editor Nagendra Urs have danced together in the movie for the title song. Jedarahalli Krishnappa has also sung a song for the film. 

The film is expected to release in theatres next month.

‘Style Raja’, a new Kannada film was launched at the Kanteerava Studio in Bengaluru on Monday morning. The film is directed by Harish and produced by Ramesh. The film stars Girish, Ranusha, Shobhraj and Chikkanna among others.

Director Harish, who has worked with Arsikere Raju, told journalists that the film is about mother sentiment and is also a love story. The hero, a village boy comes to the city and the story deals with what happens in his life including his love life and the problems that he faces there.

Producer Ramesh said the film is being made at a modest budget of Rs 1.25 crore.

Heroine Ranusha, a Bengaluru girl said she had worked as a model and had featured in ads before making her debut through this film.

Nagendra Urs is the editor. Rajesh Ramanath will score the music for Loki’s lyrics. M B Hallikatti is the cameraman. The film will have four songs and the talkie portion will be shot in Bengaluru while the songs will be shot in Ooty.

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