hri Satyanarayana, a socio-devotional film produced and directed by Harish Raj will release on March 11 all over Karnataka. The film stars Ramya Barna, Jaijagadish, Asha Jois, Radha Ramachandra and Chandrashekar among others.

Harish Raj told journalists that the film has all the ingredients for an entertainer. It has a love story for youngsters and has sentiment, action and devotion. He happily said that the dubbing rights for Hindi had been sold. He said Satyanarayana pooja is a common religious practice in many households and that he was eager to show all the stories on the big screen.

He said without his knowledge he had donned 16 different avatars in the movie. Harish Raj said Sanjeev Kumar and Sivaji Ganeshan had done nine roles in a film while Kamal Hassan had done 10 roles and Priyanka Chopra had done 12 roles. He said this feat of 16 different roles has been sent to Limca Book of Records.

Prakruti Banawasi who has sub-titled the film in English for the multiplex audiences and non-Kannadigas watching the movie said though he was an aetheist he is a believer in other people’s beliefs. He said he had helped Harish Raj in applying for the Limca Book of Records which will be a honour for Kannada cinema.

Jaijagadish said he was happy to be part of a devotional film. He said the film will evoke some devotion and fear about the lord.

Varadan said he was playing a villain in a different role in the movie. Asha Jois said she plays Harish Raj’s mother in the film. Radha Ramachandra said she plays a granny in the movie to Harish and said she was happy with her role.

Siddesh, assistant art director also spoke.

Ramakrishna who plays the role of God in the movie said he liked Harish Raj as a director and worker, as an artiste and for being related to late comedian Narasimharaju’s family. He said Sri Satyanarayana is a popular play staged in North Karnataka that goes on till the wee hours. He said he was lucky to be seen in a small role.

Narahari, son of Narasimharaju said he played a cop in the film which is also his third film with Harish Raj. He said he was happy to be involved in the production as well.

arish Raju.V popularly known as Harish Raj in the Kannada Film Industry since he started his career in 1997 with his debut (Award winning) film 'Dooni Saagali', shot to fame with films like Thayi Saheba, Dweepa and Kanooru Heggadathi.

It all started with theater during his college days (Sheshadripuram college, Bengaluru ), when leturers and students suggested that he acts very well and deserves to be in television and films.

Harish says he has come up the hard way, has no God Father in the film industry and has been following his dreams, strongly believing that God is My Father. He continues saying he went out met directors producers and probably was most of the time, at the right place at the right time and landed up with good roles working with internationally renowned Directors like Dr.Girish Kasaravalli, Dr.Girish Karnad, Rajendra Singh Babu and many eminent directors.

Since then he had acted in over fifty films, nominated twice at the National level for Best actor and also worked as a television actor, model, dubbing artiste and anchor. Also worked in other language films Hindi, Malayalam and Tamil.

He turned producer director with 'Kalaakaar' in 2008 and his second film 'Gun' in 2011 and currently finished his third film 'shree sathyanarayana', playing the lead in all these films.

Speaking about his latest venture he says I have been passionately involved in all areas of film making and felt a devotional calling to make shree sathyanarayana, scripted from the sathyanarayana Vratha Katha, a set of five stories, part of a divine ritual which are read during auspicious occasions, mentioned in the Skanda Purana, which dates back to thousands of years. It is believed that God himself suggested this ritual to be performed as a solution to all problems faced by man in Kaliyuga, that is the present day. I had a divine calling to play all the characters that are depicted in Sathyanarayana Vratha katha and I realized I have played sixteen characters and did not at any point think of making any kind of record until my friend suggested and told me that its a feat that nobody has tried, producing, directing and playing sixteen different characters with no Graphics involved, it is no ordinary achievement but this huge task was made easy and possible because of trust and strong belief in God. Shree sathyanarayana has himself made this happen so that the message of God and his miracles reaches many more people and is passed on to the next generation, he adds...
we hear that a process has been initiated with the Limca Book of Records for a new record of a single actor playing sixteen different characters in the same film and Directed by himself.

Lets hope that SMART STAR Harish Raj achieves all his goals and makes our kannada industry proud, our best wishes with him. His last two films as actor director didn't fetch him much, may his new film be successful and be blessed with shree sathyanarayana Puja phala...
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‘Kalakar’ and ‘Gun’ fame Harish Raj directed ‘Sri Satyanarayana’ audio was released on Jan. 30 in Renukamba Preview Theatre.

Addressing the media, Harish Raj said, ‘Since I entered the cinema industry, I wanted to produce and direct a movie based on Sri Satyanarayana Vratha. As soon as I announced ‘Sri Satyanarayana’ movie, all my financial hurdles came to an end and the movie has completed without any obstacles. After watching the movie, Censor Officer Nagendra Swamy applauded the movie as simple but a neat film’ he said.

‘Edakallu Guddada Mele’ fame Chandra Shekhar lauded Harish Raj for producing a good film and certified the movie as `good attempt’.

‘Harish Raj is a good director, producer, actor and a singer’ certified the veteran actor Ramakrishna.

Jai Jagadesh said, ‘to help a lost producer I’ve accepted to act in the movie. Harish Raj is an intelligent and hard worker producer and director. He has got all ability to become a good director. His shooting plan was extra ordinary and there were no undo expenses throughout the shooting’ he appreciated.

Music Director Rohnnie Raffel delivered his thanks to Harish Raj for giving him a chance to compose music for ‘Gun’ and ‘Sri Satyanarayana’ movie.

Actess Ramya Barna, Play back singer Ajay Warrior, Anand Audio Shyam, Santosh Nayak, Venki, Asha jois, Shalini, Narahari and Abhishek were present in the press meet.
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