annada film Srinivasa Kalyana, a love story directed by M G Srinivas is doing well at the box-office despite getting a slow opening due to the release of Hebbuli. Srinivas who has also acted in the movie as the lead told reporters people were watching the movie due to media’s positive reviews. He said multiplexes had either taken off the movie or cut the number of shows in spite of the film collecting 60 percent at the counters.  

Srinivas said multiplexes had not given the movie prime time slot and hence he has requested them to allot those slots for the movie. He said due to the intervention of Kannada activists the multiplex had given two shows for the movie. He said he will demand that the government through the activist should give importance to screening of Kannada movies in multiplexes and hoped that things will be resolved. He hoped that Kannada films should be given prominence like how Maharashtra gives importance to Marathi films and Tamil Nadu gives to Tamil films.  

Nikhila Suman and Kavitha said they had won recognition because of the film.  

Producer Bharath Jain said his third production (Srinivasa Kalyana) will now be released in US, UK and Canada next week and added that he has a got a good offer from a producer to dub this film into Telugu. Jain expressed the hope that the film will complete a 50-day run.

‘Srinivasa Kalyana’ will go to the censors on Tuesday in all likelihood and is expected to release in at least 70 theatres all over Karnataka on Feb.17. The film is directed by M G Srinivas and produced by Bharat Jain. The film stars Srinivas himself in the lead, Nikhila Suman, Kavitha, Achyuth, Aruna Balaraj, Dattanna and R T Rama.  

Director Srinivas told reporters that the film has been made on a shoestring budget and is a simple philosophy of control on ‘Arishadwargas’. He said the team had not compromised on quality as it is will be colourful and beautiful. He said everyone thought it is a mythological or a devotional film but he came up with a caption that said Devaranege Devaru Cinema that has worked. The film’s trailer and the song Gap Gapalli has  also got good publicity and caught the imagination of the public, he said. He however did not specify whether the dialogue in the trailer is part of the film or not.

Midhun Mukundan and Raghu Thane have scored music. While the former has composed five tunes in his first film he said it was challenging and satisfying as he had to satisfy himself and the director. Raghu Thane said he has composed three tunes including a remix track of one of the songs in the film.

Sujay Shastry plays the friend of the hero in the company who is constantly harassing his friend and is someone who fumbles and thinks of repentance later. He has acted in comedy teleserial Panduranga Vittala and Om Shakthi Om Shanthi.

Nikhila Suman, who comes from a theatre background had to mouth some dialogues that were unparliamentary said she comes from a conservative family and found it difficult to say them. She said she plays Radha who signifies anger who is bold and sensitive but said she had been able to meet director’s expectations.

Kavitha of Lakshmi Baaramma said she plays an innocent schoolgirl in the movie and she signifies ‘Matsara’. She said this is her first film release.

Cameraman Ashwin Kadambur, who hails from Keralite said Canon 5D Magic Lantern camera has been used for colour upgrade for the first time during a shoot. Editor Vikram Sridhar said the team devised a new work flow that has brought the budget considerably.

he audio of the film ‘Srinivasa Kalyana’ was launched by the exchange of tambulas that is symbolic of a traditional Hindu wedding. The tambulas containing hard disk on one plate and the film’s audio CD on another plate. were exchanged by director Shashank and Umesh Banakar.

Srinivasa Kalyana is directed by M G Srinivas who is a radio jockey turned director and had debuted as a director in Topiwala which had Upendra in the lead. This time Srinivas is debuting as a hero as well in Srinivasa Kalyana. Music is composed by Mithun Mukundan and Raghu Thane.

Director Srinivas who was once popularly known by the name Blade Srini told journalists that the film Srinivasa Kalyana is a film that is self-funded by technicians. He said he has used Bharat Jain’s banner the release the audio. He said technicians for the film were chosen from Facebook.

The film has six songs with two of them composed by Mithun and the rest by Raghu. The actor-director said Shivakumar had choreographed an intro song which has four sets that costed the team Rs 80,000. Chetan has penned the lyrics for the song. Another song titled Full Busy penned by Yogaraj Bhat was choreographed by themselves, he said.

Srinivas said a 5D camera was used to shoot the film and the DI work has been done in Canada. The film has also used a parallax effect for a song for the first time, he said.

Ashwin is the cameraman and Prashant Reddy is the co-producer.

Director Shashank said he saw a lot of enthusiasm and energy in the team and expressed the hope that it would be seen in the film.

Umesh Banakar said it is good to hear that technicians have funded the film themselves. He said many times technicians have done so to no effect and added that it will add value to the film. Chetan said it was an added responsibility for Srinivas to direct and act in the film. He said visuals are rich despite the budget.

Heroine Nikhila Suman said it was her first movie and the experience was fun and like a family outing. Kavitha, another heroine who is playing the role of Lachi in Lakshmi Baramma said the director didn’t know that she was acting in the serial and she said if he had known probably the director wouldn’t have cast her.

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