annada socio-devotional film ‘Sri Omkara Ayyappane’ , directed by Saiprakash will release on Dec. 30 all over Karnataka. The film is produced by jeweler T A Senthil and has Balaram’s music. The film stars Naveen Krishna, Roja, Srinivasa Murthy, Shivaram, Umesh, Sihikahi Chandru, Bank Janardhan, Ganesh Rao, Ravi Chetan, Ravindranath and Adarsha among others.

Director Saiprakash told reporters on Saturday afternoon that the film is releasing during the Ayyappa season and people will like it also because it is a devotional film with a good story and songs. He said people who have seen the film have liked it. He said producer Senthil is an ardent devotee of Lord Ayyappa as much as he is of Shirdi Sai Baba. The director said the film was made with the total blessings of Lord Ayyappa. Srichandru has penned lyrics for the songs and Doddarange Gowda has written the lyrics for the title song. Srinivasa Murthy, his son Naveen Krishna and grandson Master Harshith have all acted in a single scene together, he said.

Producer Senthil said he is not worried about whether the film will make money or not. But, he said all he intends from this that the people should see the movie and feel happy. He said he had been to Sabarimala and had been overwhelmed after seeing the lord so much so that tears came into his eyes.

Ganesh Rao said he plays a progressive farmer in the movie in a meaty role. Umesh said he had been getting roles in Saiprakash’s films for more than 25 years and is recognized for his role from the director’s film even to this day. But, he said in this film he gets to play a serious role. The senior comedian said he is lucky to have worked with all the three generations of Dr Rajkumar’s family and now Srinivasa Murthy’s family.

Srinivasa Murthy said he had a connection with films made on Lord Ayyappa. He said he did Shabarimala Swamy Ayyappa in 1990 as the lord’s father. He said the film got dubbed into many languages and became popular. He said he then did Manikantana Mahime in which he played the lead role for one of the three stories shot as part of the film. He said in this movie he had a small role to play with his grandson playing Lord Ayyappa’s role.

Roja said she plays a simple village girl in the movie and was glad to have worked with director Saiprakash in back-to-back films.

Music composer Balaram said there are 10 songs in the movie and that all of them have been sung by the singers with a lot of devotion.

Sihikahi Chandru said working in Saiprakash’s films is working with family. He said director’s planning and execution is superb. He said Saiprakash is one of the few directors who has done all genres of films. He said he plays a negative role in the film after being seen as a comedian in most of the films. Chandru said Saiprakash’s style of film-making is different from others as most of his films touch people’s minds and hearts.

Ravindranath said devotional films are made rarely. He said there have many films on Lord Ayyappa and the onus is on the director to ensure that there are no flaws in the story and such movies are made without any exaggeration. He said the producer had made the film by investing the money with a conviction and belief.

Adarsha said Saiprakash who has directed 99 films had the same devotion and commitment even today as much as he had when he started his journey.

he audio of devotional film ‘Sri Omkara Ayyappane’ was released at a function in Bengaluru on Saturday. The film is produced by jeweler and businessman T A Senthil and directed by Saiprakash. Balaram has scored the music. The movie stars Disha Poovaiah, Master Harshit, Ganesh Rao, Srinivasa Murthy, Naveen Krishna and Senthil among others.

Saiprakash told reporters that producer Senthil was disappointed that his earlier venture Sri Sai did not do well at the box-office. He said he was confident that Ayyappa will do well. The director said it is not good to expect business or profit from a devotional film as it is directed towards Bhakti. He said the producer should not feel bad that his earlier venture didn’t generate good business. 

Saiprakash said he had learnt lessons from the past to keep it going without expecting fruits. He said people recognize him as Sai Baba for acting in the film many years back and added that he was in the industry because of the love of the people. He expressed hope that Ayyappa will win the audiences love.

Saiprakash said Harshit was encouraged by his mother to act after Naveen Krishna showed reluctance to allow his son to act. He said grandfather, son and grandson have all acted in the movie together.

Producer Senthil said Ayyappa will be a film worth watching than  talking about it. He said the film has good vibes accompanied by good music that it will be a stress buster for those suffering from heart diseases and other ailments. He said if the film does well it will be a victory of the devotees.

Disha Poovaiah said she plays a deglamourous role that is homely. She said she plays a devotee of Ayyappa in the movie.

Music composer Balaram said the singers have sung all the songs with a lot of devotion.

Ganesh Rao said he plays a progressive farmer in the movie and how he benefits due to his devotion to Lord Ayyappa.

Master Harshit, son of Naveen Krishna and grandson of Srinivasa Murthy has played the role of Lord Ayyappa. He said he was happy to have worked in the movie and added that it is as good as getting a blessing from the Lord.

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