annada film ‘Sojiga’ will release on December 9 in more than 50 theatres all over Karnataka. The film is being distributed by Ramesh Babu. The film is produced by N S Hegde, a practicing chartered accountant whose son Vikranth is the hero of the film. Dinesh Kampli is the director. Arya Manju is the choreographer. Sunath Gowtham is the music director and cinematographer of the film.

Director Dinesh Kampli said the film will have some real stunts from Vikranth Hegde in action. He said all live stunts have been captured by the camera with the hero’s producer father insuring his son for Rs 25 lakh to provide social security for shooting the stunt portion during the shoot. He said no ropes, no graphics and no dupes were used for the fight sequences. The director said the film has four action sequences that include motorbike stunts, jumping from bikes and so on.

Vikranth Hegde said he and his team would like to dedicate the film to Maasti Gudi victims. He said he plays the hero who comes home from abroad and experiences a surprise on return and how he manages to stay afloat forms the remaining part of the story. 

The film has been shot in Bengaluru and Mangaluru.

Heroine Akhila Prakash plays a bubbly girl in the movie.

he audio CD of the upcoming Kannada action film 'Sojiga' was released at a function in Bengaluru on Monday. Sunath Gowtham has scored the music for the film. The film is produced by N S Hegde, a practicing chartered accountant who is launching his son Vikranth Hegde as the film’s hero. The film is co-produced by Narendra Babu and directed by Dinesh Kampli. Arya Manju is the choreographer.  

Director Dinesh Kampli told journalists that there are surprising incidents that are encountered by people in their lives. He said the hero is a foreign returned who gets to experience one such surprise and how he manages to stay afloat forms the rest of the story. The director said the film has four fight sequences and that no ropes, dupes and graphics were used for the fights.

Music composer Sunath Gowtham who has also handled the cinematography of the film said the movie has five songs but only two songs have been used in the movie.

Akhila Prakash, a Mysuru girl, who is playing the female lead said she plays a bubbly role in the movie.  

Producer Hegde said the film is yet to be censored. The film has been made on a budget of Rs 1.5 crore and that they are planning to release the movie in November. The film has been shot in Bengaluru and Mangaluru.

Vikranth Hegde said he has been a fan of Jackie Chan since his childhood days. He said he has learnt martial arts, gymnastics and bike racing for the movie. He said he took 25 days time to learn fights and bike racing for the movie. The hero said he had not used any dupes and has done all the stunts himself.

ojiga, which means surprise will begin shoot for its climax portion and is eyeing a release by the end of May. The film is produced by Narayan Hegde, a chartered accountant who wants to launch his son as an actor. The film is written and directed by Dinesh Kampli. The film stars newbies Vikranth Hegde and Akhila Prakash. 

Director Kampli said there is an element of surprise in everyone’s lives. There is a surprise for everyone from different angles. He said there are four such surprises in the film but did not reveal the details. 

Vikranth Hegde said he had an ambition of becoming an actor and added that he is a fan of Jackie Chan. He said he plays a martial artiste in the film and has learnt kickboxing, bike stunts and dance for the movie. Hegde said he had performed stunts without using dupes. 

Akhila Prakash who hails from Mysuru had participated in the reality Pyata Hudugi Hallige Bandru and is now playing the female lead in the film. 

Danseuse and television actor Harini said she plays the role of the hero’s mother in the movie. 

Vikram is the stunt director for whom this is his eighth film. Sunath Gautham is the cameraman and Yash Shetty has played the role of a police officer in the movie. Srinidhi has written the dialogues.

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