he Great Story of Soda Buddi will release on April 15 all over Karnataka in about 50 theatres. The film is directed by debutant Jyotirao Mohit and produced by Uday and Guruprakash. The movie stars newbies Utpal, Anusha and Khushi in lead roles.

Director Jyotirao Mohit told reporters on Monday that a lot of paperwork had gone into the film works before the shoot. Planning was thorough which also involved rehearsals and production within a given budget. He said the film had exceeded the producer’s budget earmarked for the film. He said the film is an attempt to entertain people and make audiences laugh. He said Soda Buddi is a screenplay and a story-based film with some experimentation involved.

He said the title is not meant to make fun of anyone but it is a commercial title. He said the film has got a ‘A’ certificate because of the climax that is fearsome. Mohit said it took them 57 days to dub for the movie.

Producer Guruprakash said the film has rich production values and a lot of hard work has gone into the making.

Utpal who is playing the lead role said he plays three different roles in the movie and added that the dialogues, music and Ruthwik Muralidhar’s background music are the highlights. Hari Nayak’s camerawork is also a stand-out, he said.

Anusha said she is tensed, excited, happy and confident about the film’s release. She said she plays Bhagya who is an innocent girl but has bold motives. She complimented the director for bringing in the experimental layer in a commercial format.

Khushi said she plays Kaddi alias Anushri in the film. She said the film will be a visual treat with colourful songs. She commended the director’s confidence in the script and seconded his belief.

Master Hemanth also spoke. 

'The Great Story of Soda Buddi', a new Kannada comedy film had its audio release by Ajai Krishna Rao and Srinagar Kitty at a function in Bengaluru. All of them on the dais wore spectacles to symbolize the title. The film’s trailer was also launched on the occasion. Lahari Audio has acquired the film’s music rights.

Producer Uday told reporters prior to the event that the movie Soda Buddi has completed its shoot and is getting ready for a release in January. He said the film has four songs and has Utpal, Anusha and Khushi in lead roles. Mithun has scored the music and Harish Nayak is the cinematographer. Rutwik has scored the background music.

Director Jyotirao Mohit said paperwork for the movie took seven months and rehearsals another two months before the actual shoot for the movie began. He said he met Shivanna with great hesitation to talk about the movie and show him the movie. He said the actor praised the team for its professional approach to work.

Mohit said Soda Buddi is a sincerely made experimental movie that will be an entertainer. He said the movie has been shot in a new format in terms of its screenplay where flash forward has been used instead of flashbacks. Without disclosing details, he said the movie has two love stories but is not a triangle love story.

The director said there are no double meaning dialogues and there is no cause for any embarrassment. He said the shoot for the talkie portion was finished in 31 days and the new artistes performed on the set without any script because of the two-month rehearsals.

Utpal said the film has surprises in terms of humour which will be enjoyed by all. Anusha said she plays Bachchal Mane Bhagya whose love story begins from the bathroom by giving signals to each other. She said the songs in the movie have a fresh pattern. Khushi said she plays Parke Kaddi who is a bar owner’s daughter in the film and has an exchange offer with the hero which will be fun to watch.

Music composer Mithun said he has scored the music for the first time and so has cinematographer Harish Nayak worked for the first time independently.

he Great Story of Soda Buddi team completed its shoot of talkie portion and will now go for song picturisation soon.

The team had its first press meet on Friday in Bengaluru and debutant director Jyothirao Mohith said the movie is not titled to make a mockery or fun of those people who wear spectacles. He said it is a commercial film and that he wanted a catchy title to attract audiences.

Director Mohith said Soda Buddi is just a character that will remain in the film for 15 minutes. The film has been shot in Bengaluru.

One of the film’s producers Uday said he didn’t want to produce a film to give his son an opening. But, he said his son’s first film has got shelved and when he heard the story from Mohith he had the confidence to produce the movie.

Venkataraj, another producer of the film said he is confident that Soda Buddi will appeal to today’s generation of cine-goers.

Cinematographer Harish Nayak said he is happy to have got the recognition and that is the reason he has been working currently in six films.

Utpal, who is playing the male lead said he underwent a rehearsal for his role for two months after six-seven months of script work. He said he didn’t understand the story of the film but expressed the hope that director would have done justice.

Anusha, who is playing one of the female leads said it is a screenplay-oriented movie and her role is that of a girl who is forced to drop out of college. Incidentally, Anusha is playing the lead role in the daily soap Gokuladalli Seethe.

Khushi, who is playing the main female lead said she has two shades to her role in the film. She plays a depressed and a bold girl in the film. Khushi debuted in Hingyaake that has been directed by T S Satyajith which has just got released on Friday. Khushi, who is part of Spandana theatre troupe said she found a lot of difference between acting on stage and in front of the camera.

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