igandur Chowdeshwari Mahime, a real life story and a socio-devotional movie that turns the spotlight on miracles of Goddess Chowdeshwari had its music launch on Friday evening at the Chamundeshwari Studio, Bengaluru. Dharmadhikari Ramappa and chief priest of the temple Sheshagiri Bhat released the music CD of the film.

The film is written, directed and produced by Shashi Kumar P M. He said he had written the songs in praise of the Goddess and added that it occurred to him why not make a film in the glory of the Goddess. He said he went about interviewing devotees and found three inspiring real life stories.

He said one story was about a mother and a drunkard son who tortures both the women in his life – wife and mother. How Goddess changes his life and the family’s lives forms the story. The second story is about a gang of youths who come to the temple but do not wish to enter it. The story is about how Goddess changes their minds. The third story is about a rich arrogant family who are aetheists who eventually change themselves.

Shashi Kumar said the film is all about how temple came into being and how Goddess came into existence. 

Former minister Halappa was also present. He said it was because of the Goddess that he had reached this state and position. He said Ramesh Bhat had encouraged artistes when Sanket Studio had opened.

Ramesh Bhat who is playing the role of Duggajja in the movie said at least 50,000 devotees visit the temple on full moon day and new moon day. He said the goddess fulfils the devotees desires and wants.

Girija Lokesh said she believed in God and added that where there was fear there was bound to be devotion. She said she is acting in a devotional film for the first time. She said she would like to be reborn as an artiste in her next birth.

Shankar Bhat and Harish Raj were also present. Harsha and Stephen Koushik have scored the background music while L N Sastry has composed five songs including a shloka for the movie.

Tennis Krishna said he was cured of his cough due to the blessings of the Goddess. He said he now intends to go to the temple with his family.

L N Sastry hoped and wished that the songs reached the masses.

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