Raajkumar's 4G is faster and better
fter a much awaited period of patience Kannnada fans have got the 4G (4th generation) of Rajkumar family. SIDDHARTHA has hit the screens with the much anticipated fanfare. Vinay Rajkumar son of Raghavendra Rajkumar has appeared in and as SIDDHARTHA.

Story of Siddhartha. It's a simple story of today's youth. The iconic Rajkumar family has not put any burden on director Prakash jayaram to launch Vinay Rajkumar. They have just kept the story very simple and fresh. A music enthusiast engineering student who has proposed every girl he likes from his 3rd standard days falls in  'true love' when he sees Kushi (played by apoorva).  A happy go Lucky guy who always does anything for his friends, who has a very friendly dad feels tied down with kushi's pure and possessive love.
Will Siddhartha satisfy his friends by being for then always and will he balance his love for Kushi and lead a happy life forms the rest of  Siddhartha.

While watching Vinay Rajkumar fight and dance glimpses of power star Puneeth Rajkumar appears automatically. For a first outgoing Vinay passes everybody's expectation with flying colors. Heroine apoorva is decent  But Nikki galrani of jamboo savari fame steels the limelight in the second half with a tailor made character for her. Ashish vidyarthi for a change has appeared in a fresh role and had got something more nice to do than just being a bad man. Doodsagar fame Deepika Das, Simhadri fame Aishwarya fill in with important roles. Vinay's friend character artists fit the bill perfectly. Achuthrao enjoys being a friendly dad to Siddhartha. The negative characters in college are added to help the fight sequences.

Prakash jayaram had a lean patch  after directing 'milana' , but has strong comeback with Siddhartha. Krishna Kumar's camera work adds the extra dose of spark to Siddhartha.

Over all siddartha is here to win hearts and lots of accolades. Raajkumar's 4G is definately faster,  better and suits the current generation.

inay Rajkumar’s debut film Siddhartha is releasing in about 100 theatres all over Karnataka on January 23.

According to producer Raghavendra Rajkumar, the film is about the 24-year-old guy Siddhartha who has his share of problems that include love, marriage and career. Raghavendra, whose son Vinay is making his debut, said Siddhartha is a tale of an ordinary guy who could be identified with any youth of today of his age.

Raghavendra Rajkumar said the film has no gimmicks that he is somebody’s son or grandson and that its just incidental Vinay is Rajkumar’s grandson.

“We have chosen a good script and that’s how we chose Prakash to direct this film. Prakash who has seen Vinay grow up right from his childhood was the ideal choice to direct this movie because the director knew everything about Vinay and what suited him,” he said.

Raghavendra Rajkumar also said he had not burdened his son with any expectations of carrying a legacy or being a legend’s grandson. “As my father used to say the first film of any actor should have that freshness and innocence  and be allowed to make mistakes because that was the only way for the actor to go ahead in his career,” Raghavendra Rajkumar said.

Raghavendra said he wanted to make his son feel comfortable so much so that we cast his college friends in the film. “We didn’t want to make him conscious about facing the camera. He was told to be himself such that the camera didn’t exist,” he said.

Vinay  Rajkumar plays an orchestra singer in the college band with a group of friends giving him company. Siddhartha is a love story without a duet as such between the lead pair, Raghavendra said.

“Though this is a love story we wanted to have song and dance sequences with the director and choreographer together taking it along,” he said.

 Raghavendra credits director Prakash for choosing Apoorva Arora as the film’s heroine. The film has Nikki and Deepika Das in special appearances apart from Nayana Puttaswamy who has acted as the hero’s friend.

Raghavendra says the audiences should go to see Siddhartha without any expectations as the team has tried to entertain the masses. 

Vinay Rajkumar’s Siddhartha music album launched
razy Star V Ravichandran released the music album of Vinay Rajkumar’s debut film Siddhartha at a colourful function on Sunday evening in the Bengaluru Palace.

Parvathamma Rajkumar also celebrated her 75th birthday with all her family members on stage by cutting a huge cake on the occasion. Raghavendra Rajkumar even sang the famous song Amma Neenu Namagaagi sung by his father Dr Rajkumar to befit the occasion.

The function was attended by a big gathering that read like almost who’s who of the industry. Lahari Music has brought out the film’s music album.

Releasing the music album of the film Siddhartha, Ravichandran said he had been part of every generation in the ‘first family’ of  Kannada cinema while expressing the hope that Vinay should  truly live up to his name and be humble in his path if he has to succeed as much as his illustrious grandfather Dr Rajkumar who was known for his simplicity and humility.

The film Siddhartha carries the blurb 3G in the title and is the launch vehicle for Raghavendra Rajkumar’s son Vinay into Kannada filmdom.

Vinay Rajkumar thanked all his family members and said he regarded his grandfather Rajkumar as his God and mentor.

Prakash who has directed the film Siddhartha said there was a responsibility and pressure on his shoulders while directing a film for a newcomer. “After listening to the script written by Jayanth I thought it was the right launch vehicle for Vinay. He has been an obedient and a simple guy who had no hang-ups about being somebody’s son or grandson on the set. He has acted naturally and the movie is a result of good team effort,” said Prakash.

Jayanth Kaikini who has penned the lyrics for all the five songs in the movie said Vinay belongs to a family that is the pride of Karnataka. He wished that Vinay’s career should take wings and fly into the skies adding that it is a take-off time for the youngster.

Music composer V Harikrishna said he was happy to witness the presence of all the stalwarts of the family on the same stage.

The female lead of the film Apoorva Arora said the songs of the movie are integral to the film and its narrative. “Music that we hear of the movie will definitely give the audiences a perfect glimpse of the entertainer that it promises to be,” she said.

Nikki Galrani who has played a guest role in the movie Siddhartha said she was glad to be part of the movie although she was seen in a small role.

Stunt director Ravivarma said Vinay had performed the stunts well for a newcomer as much as it was challenging to do something for him.

Veteran director S K Bhagawan said with the introduction of Vinay Rajkumar another pearl had been added to the film industry in addition to the three pearls that are already shining. “Vinay is not a 3G actor but he is a 4G actor. Yes, Vinay will be the fourth generation actor as Dr Rajkumar was himself a second generation after his father. I am lucky to be seeing the fourth generation actor of the same family,” he said.

The newly elected president of Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce Thomas D’Souza expressed confidence about the film’s success.

Producer Rockline Venkatesh, director Rajendra Singh Babu, actor-producer Jai Jagadish, actor Chandrashekar and actress Chandini were among many who wished Vinay Rajkumar all the good luck on the occasion.

The film has screenplay written by Mahadev and dialogues by Raghu Samarth. Krishna Kumar is the cinematographer.

n the auspicious Akshaya Tritiya day at Kanteerava Studio the third generation of actors from Dr Rajakumar family Vinay Rajakumar made his first presence as hero.

‘Siddartha’ give me a break as caption media address was held at Kanteerava studios. Raghavendra Rajakumar proud father of Vinay stated that twenty five years ago he came to cinema and at 20 plus age my son is coming to cinema. Like how children go to school and college the parent enjoy, I am in such a situation. This ‘Siddarth’ is a mix of old and new blood. The film is more of screenplay based and lively treatment is essential factor of the film. The highlights you would know when the film is released. It is not time to disclose opined Raganna.

It is today’s love story. I am updating for this film. I am proud to be launch director for Vinay. It is a simple character and you would find one in society. It is Jayanth who gave the story for this film and we developed a good screenplay. The caption given…Give me a break attributes to so many things. The first dialogue he said was ‘I am Siddartha…but not Buddha in any angle’. He is a city bred youth to give lovely entertainment concludes Milana Prakash back to direction after a long time.

Apoorva making debut in Hindi film Dek Tamasha Dek, daughter to Paresh Rawal in ‘O my God’ and a few advertisements was also in Kishan film in Kannada ‘Teenage’.

Harikrishna is gearing up for the present generation and it will be trendy music in six songs he says.  Krishna Kumar is cameraman for the 4th film of Milana Prakash. I am feeling newcomer with 70 films to my credit he says.

Vinay Rajakumar curiously awaited to speak is very confident guy. He is sure to deliver good results in all segments given to him.

he third generation of actors from Dr Rajakumar family takes up acting from ‘Siddartha’ – that is Vinay Rajakumar son of Raghavendra Rajakumar and Mangala.

The film went on the floor on Akshaya Tritiya day at Kanteerava studio on Friday morning in the presence of huge family members and some of the bigwigs of the Kannada cinema industry.

A graduate in commerce Vinay Rajakumar is very confident of acting and delivering good results. From last two years his interest has increased after taking a decision. As rightly advised by his father Vinay took up training in different departments. As we all know he has acted in two films of Dr Rajakumar = Akasmika and Odahittidavaru, in the films of Raghavendra Rajakumar he was child actor in ‘Anuragada Alegalu and Navibbaru Namagibbaru, in Shivarajakumar Hridaya Hridaya he was in a child role. Vinay wants to get the shade of ‘Jackie’ of his Chikkappa Power star Puneeth Rajakumar.

Vinay Rajakumar is regular going to gym, dance and for him watching the films of his family seniors is a good training in acting.

‘I am in a youth related movie’ – Siddartha represents younger generation. It will be a mass entertainer movie. I play a college going youth in the film.

What is the advice given by Raghavendra Rajakumar to his son Vinay? You say Raghavendra Rajakumar son the pressure is less. You say Dr Rajakumar grandson pressure is more – this is what Raganna told in front of the media.

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