hivarajkumar thanked the media, people of Karnataka and his fans on behalf of his family for showering their blessings on his daughter Dr Nirupama and son-in-law Dr Dileep who entered into wedlock last week.

In a thanksgiving press meet on Saturday night, Shivarajkumar said he had not taken so much responsibility with regard to the arrangements that were required to be taken up for his daughter’s wedding. He said a lot of co-ordinated efforts from various people in the family led by wife Geetha had resulted in smooth conduct of the event. He thanked Rockline Venkatesh for taking up responsibility like a big brother. “I have no elder brother. I only have younger brothers and sisters but Rockline is like family to me and an elder brother to me,” he said.

Shivanna thanked the police force, chief minister, politicians, his family including his cousins and his colleagues of the industry who considered this wedding as their own family wedding. He said he could not invite all of them personally but he had sent out an open invitation for all the people to attend and bless his daughter.

Shivanna stood up and saluted all the people who helped and supported the family in making his family function a grand success.

Wedding planner Dhruva said he had worked out all the details of the wedding after holding 18 rounds of discussions with the family. He said every small detail was worked out and executed.

Madhu Bangarappa said the people of Karnataka had come forward and made the wedding possible. He said he was lucky to be part of such a wedding that many people hailed it as ‘wedding of the century’. He said people of Karnataka have showered their blessings on the newly-weds irrespective of whether they attended the wedding or not.

Madhu Bangarappa thanked senior journalist Sadashiva Shenoy for co-ordinating the arrangements with media and caterer Flowe Venkatesh for serving delicious food to all the visitors. He said 3.75 lakh visitors had logged into the website to witness the wedding and download photographs.

Madhu said all of them worked together in ensuring that the wedding went off well.

Rockline Venkatesh said he was lucky to be part of the wedding and said it was like his own family wedding. He said he was given a responsibility like a family member and there was a lot of planning involved in getting the act together as if it was a film project that was being executed.

Venkatesh said it was known that there would be many gatecrashers and it was a challenge to control the crowd. But, he said he had experience of handling events. He said it was not known how many people would turn up. There was some happiness and tension in controlling the surging crowds, he said.

Murali said he was looking after the safety aspect of the event for the success.   

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