hivarajkumar has donned the Ayyappa maale and offered prayers to Swamy Ayyappa at his Nagawara residence before proceeding on a pilgrimage to Sabarimala. Shivanna has been following this norm for the last nine years and has been wearing saffron colours that his father used to wear. He told reporters that he has been going on this annual pilgrimage ever since he was a child with his father Dr Rajkumar. He said he will go on a padayatra from the Pampa river before having the darshan of Lord Ayyappa.  

Shivanna’s house wore a festive look as a number of people were fed on the occasion after the religious ceremonies. The pooja was conducted by senior actor Shivaram.  

Shivanna said he had taken a break from the regular annual pilgrimage when his father was abducted and thereafter. He said his father also used to don the saffron clothes and the maale during their stay in those days in Madras. He said he has been visiting Sabarimala since he was 12 years old. He said it takes him about one hour ten minutes to climb up the hill in breakneck speed and about 30 minutes to climb down the hill. He said Appaji (Dr Rajkumar) used to be quick even at the age of 45 that he used to carry Appu (Puneeth) on his shoulders and the Irumudi which is a great inspiration for him.  

Shivanna said he will have darshan of the lord on March 18 and gets recognized by people along the way who ask for selfies as well these days. He said he will pray to God for good rainfall so that drinking water woes will get solved for all the people. He said most of his wishes have been fulfilled by the lord so far. He said it is not fair to blame the God if your wish is not answered or fulfilled. He said if people go there with faith and pray to the God their wishes will get fulfilled.  

He said he wears the ayyappa maale for three weeks during which time pooja is conducted in the morning and evening. A sweet dish is prepared everyday as prasad which is done by Geetha. He said the pooja is not an obstacle to his regular shooting schedule or other work.

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