halini, a horror film will release on May 27 in about 40 to 50 theatres all over Karnataka through Arya Mourya Gowda who is distributing the film. The film is directed by Mallikarjun and produced by K Srinivas. Shyam Sindanur is the cameraman and Shivu is the editor. The movie stars newcomers Santosh, Prema, Anvitha, Aravind, Puneeth, Preethi and stalwarts like Shobhraj and Mandeep Rai.

Director Mallikarjun said the film is based on what he heard during a conversation that he overheard at a tea stall in Kushalnagar. He said two people died after raping a girl under mysterious circumstances in Coorg and added that it developed a story around it. He said rapists can escape from law enforcement agencies and the judiciary but they cannot escape from the victims. He said death might be the punishment that an affected woman might give to the perpetrator of the crime.

Producer Srinivas said the film has been made on a budget of more than Rs 1 crore and the film was completed in 25-day shoot schedule.

Santosh said he plays a comical role called Somu, while Prema Kanchan said she plays an innocent girl called Pavithra. Preethi said she was shocked to hear that the film has been completed and is releasing in theatres. Puneeth said he has acted in his first film which has twists. Anvitha also spoke about the film in English.  

Aravind said he plays a daring character who chases the ghost. He said the story is the hero of the film. He said the film has one song and the story is about what happens in one night.

he audio CD and promo of the Kannada experimental horror film ‘Shalini’ was released at a function in Bengaluru. The film is produced by  K Srinivas and directed by Mallikarjun. The film stars newbies Apoorva, Prema, Preethi, Santosh and Puneeth among others. The film has one song which is choreographed by Tribhuvan.

Producer Srinivas said the director had narrated the story to him thrice and it was the message and twists in the story that thrilled him and brought him into producing the movie. He said the film is ready to go to the censors.

Director Mallikarjun said the film crew faced many disturbances during the shoot and said they were warned about making a horror movie. He said the crew took the blessings of Goddess Chowdeshwari and went ahead with the shoot. Mallikarjun said they could complete the shoot with great difficulty. The film is about warning people and rapists against the act and that it should end altogether.

Mandeep Rai said a horror film evokes curiosity and added that he had done few horror films. He said he thought he got a good role. The senior actor said there was a lot of excitement working with youngsters. He said the director has told him that his role had been presented well.

Puneeth said he was playing the role of Nagaraj in his first film. He said a song was shot during the night. He said the film has five heroes and five heroines who go on a trip and get into trouble. He said the film is a family oriented one. Santosh said he plays a hero cum comedian in his first film. Prema said she plays Pavithra who is an innocent girl. Preethi said she plays a bold character which is some kind of dream come true for her. Kavya Gowda said she plays Divya who has acted opposite a character called Dev. Aravind said his role in the movie is daring and one who chases the ghost away.

Madhura has scored the music and Shyam Sindhanur has worked as the cinematographer. 

et another horror thriller Kannada film ‘Shalini’ has completed its shoot in Kushalnagar, Bengaluru and Magadi. The film is produced by K Srinivas who is doing it for the first time. The film is directed by newbie Mallikarjun.

Mallikarjun told reporters that he was interested in filming a horror film and that he had realized his dream with Shalini. The film is about four boys and a girl. The girl ends up getting gang raped and the rest of the story is about how she seeks revenge against the guys by becoming a spirit.

Madhura has scored the music in the film which has one song and is yet to begin re-recording.

The film stars newbies Aravinda, Puneeth, Santosh and Prakash from Chennai. The film has two heroines Prema and Kavya who are not Shalini. Director Mallikarjun said audiences will have to see the movie to know the identity of Shalini.

The film also stars Shobhraj, Mandeeep Rai and Apoorva among others. Shyam is the cameraman.

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