he pre-shoot teaser of the film ‘Second Bucketu Balcony’ was launched at a function in a studio in Bengaluru and called it the film’s ‘nati poster launch’. The film is produced by Sanjiv and Harsha while it is directed by Arasu Anthare. The film has cinematography by Abhishek G Kasaragod and Anoop Seelin’s music.  

Music composer Anoop Seelin said the film’s story is good and is set to start work on composing tunes for the movie. Cameraman Abhishek said this is his third film and added that he plans to make it a technically strong movie. He said it will be difficult to explain and should be seen on the screen. He said it is a realistic poster launch and care has been taken to see that characters do not act. He said cinema will be as realistic as the poster shoot launch.

Vijayaprasad said it was a fantastic idea of Arasu Anthare to have a poster of the title being launched. He said the strength of the script lies in casting newcomers for the film which also speaks of the confidence that the director has in himself.  

Khushi who is playing the female lead said the film is being made in the comedy genre and has a message. Karna who is playing the male lead said the director has more belief in the actor than vice-versa but added that he will live up to the expectations of the director. He said he had acted in Siddalingu as a child artiste and is now playing the lead.  

Producer Harsha said he liked the song in Love in Mandya and liked the director’s confidence. He said he hoped that it will be a good film.  

Director Arasu Anthare said the film is against a theatre backdrop and it happens in Mysuru.  

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