irector Saiprakash’s 98th untitled film mounted the sets in Bengaluru on Monday. Former minister V Somanna sounded the clapboard as he did so for the director in Nagadevathe some years back. The film marks the return of Saikumar as a cop after the recent success of Rangitaranga. The film is produced by Sadiq and his friends. The film also marks the return of director Saiprakash to the murder mystery genre after Aatanka that won many awards.

Saiprakash told journalists that the film is a combination of jihad and a murder mystery with drugs mafia forming a major backdrop. He said the film is based on a real incident that is suspense oriented that will appeal to youths and families. He said the father wants his 10-year-old son to join the jihad but the mother opposes it. The director said the boy would have grown up to kill the people with whom he had played in his childhood.

Saikumar said he is looking for quality roles as he is set to complete 50 films playing the cop. He said his role in the movie is more intelligent in approach and at the same time a cop who thinks from his heart. He said Andhra Pradesh government has started a mobile app titled ‘Fourth Lion’ and is the brand ambassador of the police department there. He said Karnataka and Kannada films were responsible for him to achieve the success.

Saikumar said jihad is no longer a secret with media and technology becoming all pervasive. He said even the issue of drugs is rampant and disturbing. Saikumar who is also called as the ‘dialogue king’ said youngsters do not know what happens to them after downing a peg in bars and pubs which may lead to addiction later.

Director Saiprakash said "all terrorists are not muslims and all muslims are not terrorists" is what the film tries to convey as it advocates universal brotherhood between Hindus and Muslims. There is also a mother ghost in this film. It is like mummy returns, he says.

J G Krishna is the cinematographer of the film. He said he has worked in nearly 130 films and is always a producers’ technicians like Saikumar and Saiprakash. He said he would be using five cameras all of them with 4K resolution.

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